Model 3 and Model Y: Tesla’s heat pumps at the center of an investigation in Canada

The Canadian authorities have decided to investigate several potential problems around the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y heat pumps. Indeed, owners have filed complaints for a significant lack of heat in the passenger compartment, especially in very cold weather. This can cause serious concern, especially in Canada.

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While Tesla has just carried out the largest vehicle recall in its history, Canadian authorities have just opened an “assessment investigation” into possible problems with the HVAC system of the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. It s ‘acts neither more nor less of all the systems which concern the ventilation, heating and air conditioning of the vehicle.

Indeed, several Canadian owners of Model 3 and Model Y claim to have met problems with the heat pumps in their cars. Already present on the Model Y, Tesla integrated in 2021 on the Model 3 an Octovalve / heat pump combo.

It allows in particular to gain a few tens of kilometers of autonomy in cold weather, by recovering heat from other parts of the car such as the engine. According to the 16 complaints received from Transport Canada, one of the Canadian federal government departments of transport, all describe a severe lack of warmth in the cabin in cold weather.

Tesla is aware of this heat problem

For now, the institution is investigating the exact nature of these problems. The main concern of the Canadian authorities is the fact that the affected cars are not able to clear the windshield correctly and provide good visibility on the road. It’s not just ice or snow on the outside of the windshield, but also the mist caused by the breathing of the passengers.

Of course, the lack of overall warmth in the cabin is also a concern, especially when you consider that the temperature can reach -30 ° Celsius in Canada in winter. For the moment, the organization has not issued an official recall. Nevertheless, Tesla is obviously aware of these damages, as evidenced by this statement on the Tesla Owner’s Club forum: “Tesla takes this cold weather climate issue very seriously – they are very concerned about driver safety and have definitely made this issue a priority ”. All that remains is to hope thata simple remote software update is sufficient to resolve this heat pump malfunction and the HVAC systems of the affected vehicles.

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