Modified AirTags for sale to make it easier to track other people


When Apple launched the AirTag, it did so with the idea of ​​being able to launch a device that would make life easier for users and above all not to lose what is likely to be forgotten or lost. The house or car keys or wherever they are, the briefcase, a bike…etc. Any object can be tracked and located by AirTags. However, almost at the same time of its launch, the bad intentions of some were already seen. Apple increased security. But even so, the one who wants to gets it and they already see modified AirTags for sale to those who Some key anti-harassment features have been removed.

When the American company became aware that AirTags were being used to harass people, it decided to implement a series of measures to eliminate or at least mitigate such misuse. One of those functions was to put a sound to the device. That way when it was being used to search for an object, some time later it would emit a sound. In this way if they had put that AirTag on us we would listen to it.

After an AirTag has been away from its paired device for a certain period of time, the item will automatically make a sound that will notify those around you of your presence.

However, it seems that they have managed to circumvent that protection. They are being viewed on eBay and Etsy. The product, dubbed the “Silent AirTag,” was on sale for nearly $80. According to the trader, a small hole has been cut under the battery of the device to disconnect the speaker. Right now the product and access to it are no longer available. From what we understand that the market will not have been filled with this type of modified device.

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