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Now that we know what AutoTune is, it’s important to know how it works. It takes care of using an established reference point, a note or scale, and everything that is outside of this reference will be digitally corrected. It is mainly used when a vocalist gives an emotional performance, but in which you can find some problems with the tone. The track is generally very good, so it doesn’t require re-recording, even though there are issues with the tone. Then with this effect it is corrected with the automatic tuning.

Surely we would be surprised at the large number of songs that it is capable of correcting with this sound effect, preventing the vocalist from having to sing take after take, damaging his voice and thus correcting minor pitch problems. This prevents you from having to rewrite tracks on a disc in their entirety until they were perfect.

So, is it a good thing or a bad thing?

AutoTune can be a great way to modify small inaccuraciess and, at the same time, retain all the power of the original performance. But what happens if it is applied too freely?

In this case, it takes care of moving music away from the beauty of the human voice and begins to resemble the music made by robots. Also, it was the imperfections that made a song, some favoring live performances due to inconsistency in vocals.

This software is becoming increasingly sophisticated, with the possibility of alter the amount of vibrate and pitch. But with more sophisticated technology, we could end up losing the qualities that make singers’ voices unique. That’s why for some music creators and fans this effect is destroying pop music, while for others it’s just a studio tool to help vocals sound better.

Major audio workstations

Next, we are going to see a series of professional programs that have the AutoTune function, helping to improve the voice when singing.

FL Studio, one of the most popular DAWs

We are talking about a semi-professional DAW software, compatible with Windows and macOS that will allow us to create songs from scratch, thanks to its multitude of audio tracks and integrated instruments, as well as the possibility of making real mixes of already existing pieces.

FL Studio main menu

It is an ideal tool for both professional users and novices, being popularly well known for its beat creation capabilities and a wide selection of effect plug-ins with which to create, manipulate and edit sounds depending on our needs. It has advanced sound creation, audio recorder, mixer for solo, effects bus, panorama and volume adjustment, as well as the possibility of saving our creations in WAV, MP3 or FLAC, AAC and MIDIM.

If we want to try FL Studio, we can take advantage of its 30-day trial version to test all of its functions, for which we will only have to download it from its official website.

AcidPro, a veteran of professional quality

When we talk about produce and mix music, AcidPro is quite a veteran, since its first version was released more than 20 years ago. With it we will be able to easily make multitrack recordings and make the most of our computer to create projects. It has a powerful 64-bit engine capable of supporting 24-bit and 92 Hz. It also incorporates 16 tools, 13 effects to choose from, and 9 GB of ACID loops that we can use to create all kinds of music. Thanks to this, we can easily change the tone, duration and other settings to obtain perfect results.

Acid Pro

We can also change the MIDI data through online editing and you can create custom rhythms and it has Beatmapper and Chopper tools available through which we will be able to easily remix our music. That is why AcidPro is considered one of the most creative digital audio workstations, equipped with all the essential features required by musicians and producers alike.

If we want to use AcidPro, we must know that we are dealing with paid software, but we can try it out for 30 days beforehand by downloading its free trial version.

Avid Pro Tools, produce your own music at the highest level

It is a powerful tool of musical production that will help us unleash our most creative aspect, since it has a wide variety of tools with which we can compose, record, edit and share tracks.

It has three versions such as Pro Tools Firsts aimed at singers and composers who do not want to know anything about technicalities. The Pro Tools Pro version developed for professionals who require advanced tools for music creation. And finally, Pro Tools HD, ideal for audio professionals who require the best performance and surround sound.

Avid ProTools

If we want to try any of the versions of Avid Pro Tools before deciding to buy it, we can download a free trial version from the developer’s website.

Ableton Live, edit your audio and change the pitch

We are talking about a powerful music creation software that has all kinds of tools and advanced capabilities such as MIDI recording, allowing us to work with hardware synthesizers, software, samplers and rhythm machines. It has an audio recording function through which we can capture all the sounds imaginable, as well as a musical drawing pad to combine musical ideas without the rigidity of a timeline.

Ableton Live Lite

Ableton Live also offers a unique Warp feature that allows you to change tempo and time, in real time, without having to interrupt the music. In addition, we can use its extensive collection of instrument sounds as it has more than 3000 to choose from, including acoustic instruments, acoustic drum kit, etc.

Once finished we can use its arrangements to be able to change the notes and create our own song, changing every detail by moving blocks of music or time.

To be able to test Ableton Live with peace of mind, we can download a free 90-day trial version from its website. We can buy it from 79 euros.

Programs with AutoTune effect

Next, we are going to see some programs specially designed to modify and correct audio tracks using the well-known AutoTune effect.

Antares AutoTune, corrects out-of-tune tracks automatically

We are talking about an audio processor that is responsible for correct audio tracks that are slightly out of tune. The software offers us pitch correction automatically and graphically, being able to understand the pitch we have used and is even capable of altering it and making it match the scale pitch with which it identifies. It also has a graphic tone that incorporates the ability to display the detected tone, capable of giving us control to choose the desired tone through a wide range of graphic tools.

Antares AutoTune

The program also has some additional built-in features like its clear and efficient user interface as well as its compatibility with all major digital audio workstations.

To start using Antares AutoTune we can download a free 14-day trial version from its official website.

MAutoPitch, corrects the pitch of the voice and tuning of instruments

We are talking about an automatic tuning plugin that offers automatic tuning and pitch correction simple, but great sounding, which has been designed to be used with both vocals and other monophonic instruments. Along with the ability to make audio more in tune, MAutoPitch also offers a number of creative features such as formant shifting and stereo expansion.


This plugin stands out for having options such as depth, detune and speed, which are considered as a standard for most pitch correctors. Through its depth function, we can control the effect that VST has on the entire sound, while detuning is responsible for pushing the pitch of the sound up and down to achieve precise tuning.

MAutoPitch is a free plugin that we can download from the developer’s website.

Celemony Melodyne, edit your audios and change any out of tune tone

We are talking about a complete single-track audio editing and autotuning software, specially designed to meet polyphonic, monophonic and rhythmic audio bits. It has automatic error correction or manual of intonation and time. With it we can give a new twist to the harmonies, the melody, the rhythm and the synchronization. It also has an option that allows you to modify different parameters such as vibrato or volume.


Other of its characteristics that we find include the extension of time, the change of tone, deep note timing editing, scale creation and editing, MIDI file export, and (re)quantization. Melodyne can be operated via ARA or as a plug-in directly in a DAW, and even as a stand-alone program.

We can download a free 30-day version of Melodyne, with its full range of functions, from its official website.

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