Mojang backs down… or at least it seems so

Yesterday we told you the hole in which Mojang had gotten himself for the change he intended to introduce in Minecraft 1.19.1. A chat moderation and reporting system that, although I have no doubt that it was designed and implemented with the best of intentions, has led to a real schism within a community that, in recent months, has already been somewhat dissatisfied with the developer and her last steps.

As we saw yesterday, the reporting system that Mojang intended to implement in Minecraft 1.19.1, without having previously informed the community and, therefore, without having collected opinions from it, could lead to the ban, temporary or permanent, of a user on all servers. Yes, on all of them, both those operated by Mojang, that is, the Realms, and on private servers, whether they are public, limited or private.

The community response to Mojang, as we talked about yesterday, has been explosiveboth because of some of the categories available to report messages (which at one point included even the use of foul language), and because of the scope of the bans, a point on which the vast majority of the community agrees that they should be limited to the Realms or, in any case, to these and to the server in which the report was produced and it was validated.

The storm, without a doubt, has reached the Mojang offices, which first announced that the publication of Minecraft 1.19.1 was delayed (initially scheduled for June 28), and yesterday they did something never seen before, when publishing a new pre-release, 2, after having published release candidate 1. In addition, Mojang has also published two pages to respond (or at least try to) to the concerns of the community: a blog entry with explanations about the reporting system and a FAQ with the doubts that have been generated. consequence of it.

Also, in Mojang’s post about this pre-release 2, we can read the following:

«Hello everyone! As some of you may have noticed, we have made the decision to postpone the release of 1.19.1 and are now returning to pre-release mode. This is to address some of our more notable issues. We have yet to fully decide on a new release date, but it won’t be too far in the future.»

In this first paragraph, notable problems are discussed generically, but the following paragraph deals more specifically with the controversy over the reporting system and it is also where we can find the links to the pages that I mentioned above.

Will this be enough to solve this crisis? I’m afraid not. Even with the changes introduced by Mojang in this pre-release and the explanations given, the temperature doesn’t seem to have dropped substantially in the Minecraft Java community, and it probably will stay that way unless Mojang decides to back off completely and restart the game. implementation process of a reporting system, with the participation of the community in its design process.

I think I have already done it on some other occasion, but I once again recommend a video by elomars88, a youtuber specialized in Minecraft who, in my case, is part of the top 3 Spanish-speaking Minecraft content creators, and who sees it this way the last steps taken by Mojang:

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