Mom I missed my plane: Kevin’s house lands on Airbnb for the holidays!

To celebrate the arrival on Disney + of Home Sweet Home Alone, the reboot (and a little sequel) of Mom I missed the plane, on Airbnb it will soon be possible to book for a night there home Kevin’s original.

Exactly! We are talking about the Chicago home of the McCallisters, the one that appeared in the first two films of the starring saga Macaulay Culkin that, for one night only, that of December 12th, can become our residence for one symbolic figure of 25 dollars!

Kevin McCallister’s house from Mom I Missed the Plane lands on Airbnb for one night!

Obviously, in order to win the booking we will probably be forced to plan a better battle plan than those devised in the films by Kevin, being theoffer valid for one night only.

Reservations will kick off on Airbnb starting from 1 pm on 7 December next (not far away!) and, who manages to book, will be able to stay a night in the McCallister house completely decorated as in the movies (but smooth at home mom and dad).

Not enough for you? Know that we will find none other than to welcome us Buzz McCallister.

“You might remember me as a not particularly nice character”Buzz explained. “Now I am grown up and am happy to share my family home with you – and my pizza too! – during Christmas holidays. But please, don’t let my tarantula Axl escape this time! “

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. It seems that for this particular stay, we will not be the only tenants in Mom’s house I missed the plane. In the house with us there will in fact be a tarantula (a real tarantula), to keep us company.

Furthermore, upon our arrival, we will be able to have fun with explosive traps, aftershave to be used strictly in front of the mirror, stocks of mac and cheese and “the best pizza in Chicago”.

Furthermore, to the lucky guests will also be given the LEGO set of Mom I missed the plane, and Airbnb will make a donation to the ORLa Rabida pediatric hospital in Chicago.

Really, what more do you want ?!

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