Monitor Audio Cinergy: new range of speakers for dedicated home cinema rooms

The well-known British manufacturer Monitor Audio has introduced a new range of home theater speakers. It’s about the series Monitor Audio Cinergy, a new premium audio system designed for dedicated rooms. This new range is made up of three loudspeaker models and a passive subwoofer. They all have THX Ultra certified and they show off a design that allows them to be installed both built-in and hanging on the wall.

Monitor Audio claims that its Cinergy system is “highly adaptable”since it is designed “knowing that no two installations are the same”. What do they mean by this exactly? To ensure that the system is perfect in all types of rooms, Monitor Audio Cinergy speaker tweeter and midrange driver arrays can be rotated. This allows the speakers to be placed both horizontally and vertically. On the other hand, in the larger model, this array can be swapped with one of the two bass drivers, thus being able to further fine-tune the sound profile.

Besides, speakers feature integrated handles as well as feet and isolation stands to counteract vibration depending on the installation method.

Monitor Audio Cinergy: three speakers and a subwoofer to create your personal cinema room

Cinergy 100 Audio Monitor

Monitor Audio has used its design of MPD high frequency transducer that we find in the Platinum and Gold series. On the other hand, it has been used C-CAM midrange controller with high power handling, high sensitivity and wide directivity. In addition, the Cinergy series is also equipped with RDT II bass drivers high power, high sensitivity, high excursion and low distortion.

As we have anticipated, the new Cinergy range is made up of three speakers and a subwoofer. On one hand we have the Cinergy 100 Audio Monitorthe smallest model but that offers a 3 way design with a 8-inch RDT driveran 2.5-inch C-CAM driver and a MPD tweeter. This model has a sensitivity of 89 dB and a nominal impedance of 4 Ohms. Its dimensions are 460 x 350 x 160 mm and it weighs 18.4 kg.

Monitor Audio Cinergy model 200 speakers
Audio Monitor Cinergy 200

The second of the models is Audio Monitor Cinergy 200, which would be almost like putting two Cinergy 100 on top of each other. The Cinergy 200 is equipped with two 8-inch RDT drivers, two 2.5-inch C-CAM drivers and a MPD tweeter. Like its little brother, it has an impedance of 4 Ohms, but the sensitivity is 90 dB.

They are large speakers, designed for high-performance rooms. The proof is that the manufacturer recommends a 200W minimum amplification, supporting nothing less than up to 1400W. The Monitor Audio Cinergy 200 have dimensions of 904 x 300 x 160 mm and a weight of 30 kg.

Monitor Audio Cinergy model 300 speakers
Audio Monitor Cinergy 300

The third model in the Monitor Audio Cinergy range is the Cinergy 300a larger model that can be used with a floor stand. The speaker configuration of this model is the same as that of the Cinergy 200with the same data for both sensitivity and impedance and recommended power.

The Cinergy 300 Audio Monitor has dimensions of 1080 x 300 x 240mm and a weight of 40.4kg. It offers numerous mounting options, with a design that is perfectly suited for mounting on a structure behind an acoustically transparent screen.

Monitor Audio Cinergy sub speakers
Monitor Audio Cinergy Sub15

Complete the Cinergy range of Monitor Audio the Monitor Audio Cinergy Sub15, a 15-inch ultra-high-excursion C-CAM driver passive subwoofer. Despite having a large woofer, the Sub15 is only 28 cm deep, so we can install it on the wall without too much trouble. Of course, it weighs more than 38 kg.

This is possible because we are facing a passive subwoofer, that is, it needs external amplification. Monitor Audio recommends using the IA800-2C amplifierwhich is capable of powering a couple of Sub15s thanks to its tremendous output of 2x800W.

By combining some units of the Cinergy 300 and the Cinergy Sub15 we can create a “wall of sound” behind the screen, thus achieving professional cinema performance.

The new ones Monitor Audio Cinergy will hit the market next month July. Its price has not been revealed at the moment, but you assume that they will not be exactly cheap speakers.

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