Monitor your home from your iPhone with these HomeKit cameras

What to look for in a surveillance camera

When it comes to protecting the home, there are many options that can be found on Amazon for security cameras. But not all are the same, since in many cases the characteristics are different. Specifically, what you should look for in your new security camera are the following points:

  • Night mode: recording while the room is dark is a key feature to look for in all security cameras. In this way you will not have any type of limitation while your own home is being watched. The vast majority of options that can be found in the market already include it, although checks are always better.
  • Movement: in a security camera it is important to look for one that does not offer a static image. By this we mean that only a single viewing angle can be used. The most advisable thing is to have those that can be moved from the iPhone itself remotely. In this way, you will have a much broader view of everything around the security camera.
  • People detection: constantly recording images or looking at images can always be uncomfortable. That is why the option that integrates motion detection should be sought. This means that the moment a person walks in front of the camera, a notification will arrive on your mobile or start recording.
  • Own app: If, in addition to these factors, the camera has its own application, you will be able to manage everything related to it much better. You can handle it through HomeKit, which is also the objective, but the official app of the manufacturers will always give you more data and information if they have it.

Indoor use cameras

Among the many options for security cameras that can be found in the market, those designed for indoors stand out. These do not have resistance to liquids making it much cheaper.


Security camera designed for recording indoors. It has built-in artificial intelligence to instantly determine if a person or pet is present in the cone of vision. In this way you will have a much more efficient and intelligent notification system. The key is in the details as it offers a 2K resolution, although it is limited to 1080p when using HomeKit.

One of the star features is the option to communicate through the camera. You will be able to talk through the camera with anyone who passes in front of the camera while using a two-way audio system. This makes you able to speak and they can also answer you. And so that you do not lose absolutely anything, a system is integrated night vision for low light environment.


Keep an eye on the inside of your house through Eve’s camera that connects to your iPhone through the HomeKit Secure Video system designed by Apple itself. This puts full camera control on your own iPhone without having to install third-party apps. You will receive notifications instantly as soon as someone passes in front of the camera itself.

It is obviously also designed to preserve privacy. In a very simple way it can be deactivated in the event that there is someone at home. Likewise, the motion detection makes it activate at any time when there is someone at home. It has end-to-end encryption that ensures that only you can view live images and recordings in the Home app.


Pack of 2 indoor cameras specially designed for use with Apple HomKit Secure Video. It is designed to store all the recordings that are made in iCloud. In this way they will be accessible from any device and will be stored with the maximum possible security. It offers panoramic videos in 1080p HD resolution with improved night vision thanks to the 107º wide angle combined with a rotation range of 350º horizontally and 93º vertically.

The high-quality 3-megapixel sensor is optimized to produce ultra-clear HD video. It has an exceptional visibility of six meters. The lens movement sensor is combined with the HomeKit algorithm to distinguish between animals, people or vehicles. This means that at the moment you receive a notification on your iPhone with everything that is happening in your own home. To be in contact with your family you can make use of two-way audio.


It has continuous surveillance in your home, being able to access the HD images of your camera in real time streaming even at night. Thanks to the night mode, you can have a fairly clear plan of the room you want to see even at night. All your data will be 100% protected and can be stored locally on an SD card although you can also make use of uploading the files to the Apple cloud.

With the HomeKit system you will receive notifications instantly on your iPhone or Mac when any type of movement is detected. What is really interesting about this camera is that it adds facial recognition to be able to know if there is a known person or is an intruder. So the notifications will be totally personalized and you will be able to have relevant data with a simple glance of your mobile.


Indoor security camera with the possibility of connecting to the internet through WiFi and also by IP. It has night vision and motion detection. The brand has its own servers to be able to store free 30-second videos. They offer maximum security on servers that are installed in Europe.

As we have previously discussed, this is a HomeKit compatible camera. This makes it possible to carry out a control from the Home application in a comfortable way from any device in the ecosystem. From here you can control the viewing angle both horizontally and vertically. In addition, you can also start recording and centralize all notifications.

Alternatives for the exterior

In the event that you are interested in monitoring the exteriors of your house, it is important to look for options that have different protections against different weather conditions. Here are the best options available.


Logitech offers premium security cameras that are designed to be installed outside of the home. This is because it features a weatherproof body with an IP64 rating against dust and water. It has a wall mounting bracket for easy installation. It has a sensor that offers a wide 180º field of view with TrueView technology.

This technology makes it possible to capture all the details in a clear way with Full HD resolution. It integrates enhanced vision through infrared to have a higher quality image in the event that you are in a dark environment. It also captures images even when there is a lot of sunlight and also in the shade thanks to the high-quality sensor with dynamic range.


Outdoor camera that has immediate notifications on your iPhone in case there is some kind of intrusion. In this way you will have real-time alerts in the event that an unknown person or vehicle is detected on your property. All these alerts are accurate and customizable thanks to the Alert-Zone function. With this you can define the areas you want to monitor in a much more intense way.

It has smart lighting to help scare away intruders when the entire property is illuminated. It offers continuous surveillance, being able to access the HD images of the camera in real time and under any type of condition. To avoid any type of breakage, it has the highest resistance against impacts and also against liquids or dust.


As we previously talked about eufy in its indoor option, you can also find an outdoor alternative. In this case, a two-camera kit with a hub to receive the signal from these accessories. They have a Full HD 1080p resolution having an exceptional result without hidden costs. With a single charge you will have one year of security as it has an extraordinary autonomy that will last 365 days.

It has advanced night vision thanks to a sensor provided by Sony of the latest generation that allows the transmission of live video and also makes a recording with high quality. It is prepared for any type of weather with an IP67 certificate to resist against all adverse weather conditions.



Surveillance camera for outdoor use that has a x4 optical zoom function with which you can capture every detail according to what you want. It has a wonderful pan / tilt function of 355º horizontally and 90º vertically. This Wifi IP Camera can offer different viewing angles larger than normal. This is in addition to the AI ​​algorithm that is integrated to be able to intelligently detect people and animals.

A high-quality image can be obtained thanks to the 1080p resolution for the sharpest result possible. In addition, the surveillance camera does not have any type of cable for the outside and integrates matrix infrared technology that offers a color night vision of up to 30 meters, 4 emissions and 5 infrared LEDs. IR cut mode can be used to automatically switch to night vision.


Surveillance camera designed to be installed outdoors. It has a 15000 mAh rechargeable battery to avoid having a constant power supply. No work should be done to have cables or drill holes. You should only charge as soon as you receive a low battery warning. The surveillance camera has horizontal rotation of 355 degrees, vertical rotation of 120 degrees and x4 digital zoom.

It has a stable WiFi connection with dual 4DBI antennas that make the surveillance camera powerful and stable connection. The design is ready to withstand any weather problem such as a storm, due to the IP65 certification. This is added to a resistance to temperatures between -20º and + 50ºC.

Which ones do we recommend

In the event that you are looking for a camera for the interior of your house, one of the best that can be found is that of Eve being fully integrated with the HomeKit system. This is in addition to the fact that it has a really good design that allows it to go completely unnoticed. You will be able to access the images live and receive notifications automatically when someone passes by, and you can also count on night vision so you do not miss anything.

But if you have a large house with a garden or patio, you will surely also be interested in having it monitored with cameras that are special. In this case, they stand out for having a greater resistance to impactor and also to any type of liquid such as rain. In this case, the option of Netatmo that has different characteristics to be able to scare whoever tries to steal. This is because in the upper part you can see a light that turns on automatically when it detects an intruder.

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