Monitor your home with Alexa thanks to these security cameras

Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360

On the other hand, one of the cheapest and best known alternatives in this market is the Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera 360. The price of this is currently set at 33 euros And, as its name suggests, it is one of those security cameras capable of 360-degree surveillance around you. Video is captured at a maximum resolution of 1080p, is Alexa compatible, and incorporates night vision so nothing escapes your single eye. In addition, we will have the possibility of placing it on its support base or mounting it upside down to place it on the ceiling.

Blink Mini

More interesting and well-known models in this of security cameras is, without a doubt, this Blink Mini. An economical model, priced at just 35 euros, with 1080p video recording, two-way audio, night vision and motion detector. In addition to, of course, being on this list, being compatible with Amazon’s smart assistant.

TP-Link TAPO C210

We continue with one of the latest models of the manufacturer Tp link within its affordable range of products. This is the TAPO C210, an evolution of the model that we already told you about in the past. Specifically, this version has a 360-degree surveillance camera, night vision, motion detection and two-way audio to see, listen and talk with whoever is at home even when we are away. Its price is only 40 euros.

Ring Indoor Cam

One option that we definitely love is this Ring Indoor Cam, which is priced at 59 euros and it can be purchased in black or white. In this case, this camera can capture video in 1080p, it has two-way audio, a motion detector and an installation system that allows us to put it in a multitude of places inside the house.

Somfy One

The latest model that we want to recommend for a home security camera is this Somfy One. In addition to having all the features such as Full HD quality to capture video, motion detection and more, the most interesting thing about this Somfy proposal are its accessories. For example, there is an alarm system that is complemented with it to activate it, sensors for the doors, a siren, etc. Specifically, this pack that we propose has a price of 350 euros but, yes, it comes with the siren that we mentioned.

Eufy 2K

2K surveillance camera Eufy

A very complete surveillance camera, since it has a 360 degree rotation, vertical tilt and is also compatible with Alexa and also with Google Assistant and Homekit. It has functions such as recording, supervision, alarms, and sound and motion detection modes, also allowing differences between pets and people. ÑThe best thing is that it has a price of only 38 euros, so they make it an option to take into account.

Cameras to monitor your home from outside with Alexa

On the other hand, there are those security camera models that allow us to see what is happening out of home. Something important with these options that you should take into account is that they cannot be directed towards the public road, but must only capture your property.

These models can be useful, in addition to the functionalities that we have already mentioned, to detect any movement in the garden or patio or, even, to be used as a doorbell with a video system.


The cheapest alternative of this list of cameras for the exterior of the house is this EZVIZ C3WN, which is priced at only 45 euros. Specifically, this model can record videos in 1080p, it connects through the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi signal for which it has a dual antenna system and incorporates motion detection and night vision. In addition, as it is a model that we can install outside the home, it has IP66 protection to withstand all weather adversities.

Yi Cam security camera

As we already mentioned with the indoor model, the security cameras of Xiaomi are one of the most popular options in this market. Specifically, this is the Yi Cam It incorporates IP65 protection, movement and sound detection system, alarm and compatibility with Amazon’s intelligent assistant. It also comes with night vision and two-way audio system. All this for a price of 60 euros.

Blink XT2

For that option that we told you about the camera for the door of the house this Blink XT2 it is the perfect alternative. It has an autonomy of 2 years with its internal battery, so we will not need to put any cables. It has two-way audio and, being compatible with Alexa, we can configure it so that the image it captures appears on our Amazon smart speaker when the doorbell rings (if we also have the appropriate accessory). The cost of this model is 120 euros.

Ring Stick Up Cam Elite

We have already told you about the cameras of Ring for the interior but, of course, they also have several models for outside the home. Specifically this is the Stick Up Cam Elite, which has a cost of 199 euros and, like its twin sister for the interior, we can buy it in black or white. In addition, it incorporates infrared night vision, motion detector, bidirectional audio and a very simple installation system that can be adapted to any location.

Netatmo outdoor surveillance camera

Last but not least, we have this camera from Netatmo for the exterior which is one of the best options you can consider. Not only because of how complete it is, having the possibility of doing everything that the rest of the options incorporate. The real star feature of this model is how concealed it is, since it is hidden under the spotlight that it has in its upper part, but it will also function as one more lamp for the exterior of the house. However, all this has to be paid for, and this model has a price of 274 euros.

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