Monument Valley is coming to PC via Steam

It seems like a lie, but eight years have passed since the arrival of Monument Valleya game that caused a real sensation at the time due to the combination of a fascinating design and puzzles that, without being terribly complex, were challenging enough to attract and entertain a huge number of users who got hooked on what, for many, it was the game of the year.

I remember playing it at the time and the only problem I was able to get out of it was its duration, shorter than you might want, sign however of how much I enjoyed it. And it is an opinion that I know shared, because many similar ones came to me at that time. To compensate (and to do more business, of course), Monument Valley 2 arrived in 2017, and a little over a year ago Apple added Monument Valley +, a reissue of the classic, to its game subscription service, Apple Arcade.

However, for all these years PC users have not been able to enjoy it on their systems, and until now there was no news that this was going to change. However, and as we can see on Steam, this limitation will disappear on July 12, at which time Monument Valley and Monument Valley 2 will debut on the Valve storeboth separately and in a pack with both titles.

Monument Valley is coming to PC via Steam

To make the experience more satisfying, its creator has made several adjustments. First of all, of course, in terms of controls, since the mobile versions are based on touch control, so it was necessary to redesign them so that the game can be controlled with a keyboard and mouse. And, on the other hand, also in terms of its visual aspect, both due to the orientation of the screen and its aspect ratio, aspects that differ (especially the first, of course) between both platforms.

We still don’t know what prices they will have in Spain, but in the United States each game will cost $7.99, although it will also be possible to buy them in a pack that will mean a 15% discount compared to what it would cost us to buy them separately. In addition, these editions will also include the DLC that was published for both games, Forgotten Shores and Ida’s Dream for the first delivery and The Lost Forest for Monument Valley 2. If you enjoyed them on mobile at the time, it seems like a good option to give the PC versions a chance, personally I think I’ll do it, just like I did with LEGO Builder’s Journey.

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