Moon Knight: A video from the set shows an action scene

With filming of the series currently underway in Budapest, a photographer has managed to get a video from the set of Moon Knight during an action scene and post it on his Youtube channel.

The clip, in its few seconds of duration, shows a hooded character engaged first to run and then to jump, aided by metal support cables.

A video from the set shows an action scene from Moon Knight

This quick video appeared online yesterday showing an action scene while filming on the set of Moon Knight. The Marvel series arriving next year is now in production, with filming underway in Budapest.

And this is where a photographer managed to capture an action scene in progress, then posting it on his Youtube channel.

It’s hard to tell who exactly the character is, even though he appears to be wearing a hood and tight white clothing. The idea of ​​many is that the character is the same Marc Spector, alias Moon Knight, protagonist of the series.

At the moment only a handful of characters from the Disney + series are known. Oscar Isaac will play the hero of the same name, while Gaspard Ulliel will play Midnight Man. May Calamawy And Loic Mabanza they still have unknown roles, while Ethan Hawke he should play the show’s main antagonist.

Now I find myself working on this series“Hawke told The Watch microphones”and I am very happy to be part of it. I like the fact that Moon Knight, being a lesser known comic, allows for more creative freedom. Director Mohammed Diab is incredibly brilliant“.

The release date of Moon Knight is still unknown but is expected to make an appearance on Disney Plus in the course of 2022.

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