Moon Knight has a record within the UCM that you can’t imagine

Finally we have the Moon Knight among us, within Disney + and starring Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke within what seems like a plot parenthesis in the arc created around the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). And since the first evaluations began to leak, Moon Knight has not stopped receiving congratulations by critics and the little public that has been able to see it in its first hours. And despite its few? six chapters that it has, we have just learned that this new fiction comes with a record under its arm.

Reshoots, what is that?

If that’s okay with you, before commenting on the record this series has, we’re going to put a bit of context to explain what it is to carry out a reshoot (reshoots) in a movie or series. And basically it’s about the recording of additional scenes that, for whatever reason, the creative team has deemed necessary to improve the story or even to finish it with a minimum of quality.

Thus, when a project announces that it will need re-recordings it is often perceived by fans as a symptom of problems of production, or of dissatisfaction on the part of the executives of the studio. Moreover, so much so that on numerous occasions they have been an inexhaustible source of leaks about important aspects of movies and series. And as an example a button is enough: it was thanks to the reshoots from Spider-Man No Way Home that a photograph was leaked in which the character of Matt Murdock appeared, played again by Charlie Cox (the one from the Netflix series).

However, in the productions of the big studios these re-recordings are taken as a natural part of the shooting process and from the beginning there are already established dates to record additional scenes. Marvel Studios productions are no exception, since a large percentage of their productions have required these extra sessions of work on the sets.

Disney+'s Moon Knight.

What happened to Moon Knight?

And now yes, we are going to Moon Knight. What record has he broken? Well, it was thanks to a recent interview with directors Mohamed Diab, Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, and actors Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke and May Calamay, that we learned that this series is the one that has required the fewest additional recordings in the history of the MCU, so we can consider it as an example to follow from now on for all the series and movies to come. in the future.

Director Muhammad Diab he attributed this good news to the fact that, in his words, “they rehearsed a lot.” In addition, the actor who gives life to Moon Knight also wanted to join the party stating that “every weekend while we were shooting, we sat around the table and had the brunch on Sundays, and we just talked about the episodes, we talked about the series, what we were going to do.

There is no doubt that this series is going to give a lot to talk about in the coming months, so much so that it looks like it is going to give a 180º turn to the MCU created by Marvel Studios, thanks to a dark and fast-paced story. So much so that the actress May Calamay, who plays Layla, said that this series was a mix between In Search of the Lost Ark and Fight club.

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