Moon Knight: Marvel confirms that the plot takes place right after Avengers Endgame

What MCU film can we hang the events of Moon Knight? After keeping quiet, Marvel has finally released some details on this important point for fans. Unsurprisingly, the Oscar Isaac-led series takes place shortly after Avengers Endgame.

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Moon Knight hosted its last episode a short time ago on Disney+. One thing is certain, the series has proven to be surprising in more ways than one, offering an unprecedented approach in a Marvel series to depression and split personality. Special mention obviously to Oscar Isaac in the skin of Steven Grant / Marc Spector.

However, a specific point displeased some viewers: Marvel’s desire to rule out all possible links between Moon Knight and the MCU as much as possible. Still, the most attentive among you will have noticed a few discreet easter eggs, which allow Moon Knight to be placed more precisely on the large MCU timeline.

Moon Knight takes place just after Avengers Endgame

To summarize, several clues prove that the events narrated in Moon Knight take place shortly after Avengers Endgame, in any case a few weeks / months at most. During episode 2, we notice on a London bus an advertisement for the RCMP. This organization, mentioned several times in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, is in charge of helping people erased by Thanos to return to normal life.

This same episode reveals another important clue: the date on Marc Spector’s passport. If the document is authentic, it indicates that Marc Spector was not the victim of the Mad Titan’s finger snap and that he therefore lived during the 5 years which separate the events of Infinity War and Endgame. The thing has also been confirmed by Marvel: “Eventually, in the writers room, we all collectively thought he survived the Blip, that he wasn’t blipped.” says Jeremy Slater, head writer and executive producer of Moon Knight.

The screenwriter adds another interesting information about the Knight of the Moon: he was very active during these five years, just like a certain Ronin. Which suggests that he would have taken down a lot of threats on Khonshu’s behalf before Steven’s takeovers were more frequent. As a reminder, Disney + is currently considering a possible season 2 of Moon Knight.

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