Moon Knight: the first trailer for the Disney + series will give you nightmares

Moon Knight is Marvel Studios’ next series for Disney+. It is revealed today in a first trailer as muscular as it is dark. The release date is set for March 30.

2021 has been rich in Marvel Studios series for Disney+. 2022 is not going to let us rest. Moon Knight, the studio’s next creation, is unveiled today in a first trailer. We even have a release date: March 30, 2022!

In this trailer, we can see for the first time the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of the character as well as his design. Mark Spector, played by Oscar Isaac, works at the British Museum in London. Taken by nightmares and visions, he seems hunted by a mysterious entity (Khonsou, Egyptian God of the Moon). However, he will have to embrace his curious destiny when a villain (Ethan Hawke) makes his appearance.

Moon Knight, a dark series that thinks outside the box

With this series, it is the first time that the character is adapted to the screen. Inspired by early Batman, Moon Knight soon evolved into one of the darkest heroes in the Marvel stable. Something that we hope to feel in the episodes.

Moon Knight is a six-part series written by Jeremy Slater, already behind The Umbrella Academy. Of course, she will take place in the MCU, which means that we may come across other well-known characters. In writing, we put a piece on Black Knight (The Eternals). The first episode will air on March 30 and as usual, we will have one a week every Wednesday. Enough to do weekly debriefs. For the moment, we do not know if a season 2 is already planned or if it will be a one-shot.

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Moon Knight is only the first Marvel series scheduled for Disney+ in 2022. The studio is planning a busy schedule for this year, including the arrival of Ms Marvel, She-Hulk and even Secret Invasion. Cinema level, we should also be spoiled, with a new part of Doctor Strange, Thor, Black Panther or even Ant-Man. We will therefore have plenty to do after a year 2021 that is already rich in emotions.

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