Moon Knight will be the next Marvel series

The Marvel program was rather uncertain on Disney+. The house of ideas announces the upcoming arrival of Moon Knight, with a new trailer.

We ended the year to the sound of bells and Christmas songs on Disney+. After four original series on the platform, Marvel is taking a short break before relaunching the machine in 2022. The program must be loaded, even if we still know very little about it. Nevertheless, the firm with the big ears has just lifted the veil on its next Marvel-stamped production.

It is therefore Moon Knight which will open the ball for this year 2022. The series with Oscar Isaac has also offered a first official trailer, with the music of “Day ‘n’ Knight” of Kid Cudi in the background. Moon Knight will explore the adventures of Marc Spector, a US Army soldier left for dead during a mission in Egypt. Taken to the temple of Khonsou, God of the Moon, he agrees to become his avatar on Earth: Moon Knight. Only problem, Marc has no memory of his nightlife.

Created by Jeremy Slater, screenwriter on the first episode ofUmbrella Academy, the series will be directed by Mohamed Diab (The Women of Bus 678), Justin Benson (The Twilight Zone) and Aaron Moorhead (The Twilight Zone).

Next March

With these new images, rather promising, we must admit, Disney + reveals the launch date of its new series. The appointment is set for March 30 for the first episode. Then, it will adopt a weekly rhythm for 6 weeks, as was already the case with Hawkeye and Loki to name but a few.

In the casting, we will therefore find Oscar Isaac in the main role. The actor, who distinguished himself in the Star Wars saga, will give the reply to Ethan Hawke. According to some rumors, a Frenchie will also be there. Gaspart Ulliel should thus camp Midnight Man. Anton Mogart is a thief who acts exclusively at night, earning him the nickname Midnight Man. In the comics, he crosses paths with Moon Knight several times. He has no powers, but uses his abilities for infiltration and combat to seize priceless antiquities.

Still no news from She-Hulk

Announced for a while now, the series she hulk is long overdue. The new Marvel production, which follows the adventures of Bruce Banner and his cousin Jennifer Walters should nevertheless land later this year. The plot could have a close connection with Doctor Strange: Into the Multiverse of Madness, another Marvel appointment on the big screen. Moreover, we will probably have to wait until the end of Moon Knight to find out more.

In any case, meet March 30 next to discover Moon Knight on Disney+.

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