More details on Apple self-service repairs

repair by users themselves

Last week Apple officially announced a program in which users could repair their devices themselves and today some more details were leaked on how it will proceed. In this case, the Cupertino firm will provide repair manuals on the support website and the spare parts store will be operated by a third party to solve those problems in which the Users can repair their iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and Mac with M1 processors.

By early 2022 in more countries outside the US

This is going fast and by the beginning of next year some of the most experienced users will be able to carry out repairs to their devices outside the United States where these types of repairs could already be carried out. What they have discovered new is that self-service repairs, as Apple calls them, It will have an online spare parts store that will be managed by a company outside of Apple itself. The new Apple note clearly states that the user will have to confirm the location to order parts and emphasizes that the “right to repair” must always be accompanied by “sufficient knowledge and experience to repair electronic devices.”

In any case, it is advisable to be clear about what we are playing but I personally believe that in the case of Macs it can really be a more serious problem to try to repair something without having experience in it. The tools is something that anyone can get, having the correct spare parts can also be obtained in one way or another, the problem comes when we play without knowing or without experience which can be harmful to the equipment and the user himself.

Many more details about this program remain to be seen like: what will happen to the warranty? If we finally can’t repair the product then what happens? and many other questions that are not very clear right now with this user repair program.

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