More images of bands for Apple Watch Series 7. This time 41mm

It seems on the net a new image of what Apple’s Apple Watch Series 7 straps could be. In this case the information published a few hours ago is extended a little more with a 45 mm leather strap, now another strap appears in which you can see clearly the engraving of the 41mm.

All the rumors suggest that this year we will see a new Apple Watch in which the design would change and the straps are giving us somehow reason. It is not an official image but these photos leaked some time before the presentation of the new Series 7 model are quite significant

DuanRui showed a few hours ago an image of this leather strap for the Apple Watch and although he clearly explained that this photograph was not his own, he believed it was real. Now Majin Bu, who we imagine was the user who passed him the photo DuanRui shows another image in which a Solo Loop strap with 41mm engraving is clearly visible. Next to this is the image that they leaked earlier, that of the 45mm leather strap supposedly intended for the Apple Watch Series 7.

It therefore seems that we are going to have a new design in this Apple Watch and if the leaks continue at this rate before being officially presented we will see them on the network. As we have commented previously, the main difference is not the size of the screen but its design and Let’s hope that the straps that users of Apple Watch prior to Series 7 already have are fully compatible for these new watches.

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