More news about the Apple Watch, although not everything is good

New sensors that will help health

In the aforementioned media they mention that internal sources of the company led by Tim Cook have allowed them to have access to internal data in which some of the development plans around the Apple Watch are detailed. The most outstanding? Well first a thermometer which would serve, how could it be otherwise, to perform a measurement of our internal temperature. This is something that had already been widely rumored and that seems like it could be a reality in 2022 and who knows if with an alert system when you have a fever or something similar.

Another sensor that is being considered to implement is the one that measure blood pressure, being able to stand out when this is increasing and therefore alert of hypertension. And this is a feature that Apple would have liked to implement already this year, but they say in TWSJ that they seem to have faced problems to fully develop this technology.

measure blood pressure

It is believed that the problem found is related to the way in which the measurement would be carried out, since it would not be done by means of an inflatable cuff as is usually done, but by a complex system of measuring waves of a beat through the arteries. A system that in the end requires many readjustments that, unfortunately, have not yet received the green light.

What will the Series 7 bring in this area?

Probably nothing. Or at least nothing new. Of course, the next Apple watch will continue to bring functions that have been added over the years, such as the heart rate meter, the electrocardiogram or the blood oxygen meter. However, it is not expected to bring any of those that we mentioned that are being developed, basically because of that, since the completion of the Series 7 was due to close at the beginning of the year.

It is clear that some of these could have been very beneficial to introduce, not in the Series 7, but in the Series 6 last year. And all this in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it must be taken into account that beyond the technical development process, these functions also require approval by various medical entities.

apple watch series 7 render

Render of what could be the Apple Watch Series 7

There can always be some surprise and that, combining the sensors already exposed, a new app may emerge with which to interact and obtain more extensive or precise data. But neither does it seem that there is going to be anything revolutionary in this sense. In the end the improvements it will bring, beyond a aesthetic change, it will be a more used front with somewhat larger screens and a increased battery that he was already missing.

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