More news: Microsoft wants your Paint drawings and programs to update

We start a new week. After a quiet summer weekend, this week Windows 11 continues to be the protagonist (this time, for the worse) of the covers of the webs. However, there are many other news and curiosities worth mentioning and, in order to keep up to date with everything that happens, we are going to see what else is going on in the world of software.

Photoshop? Microsoft wants your Paint drawings

Lately it seems that a Microsoft has given him nostalgia. The company has been using social networks to remember games and other services that, years ago, accompanied us on a daily basis. In recent weeks we have been able to see how he remembered Space cadet, the Windows XP pinball, as well as Clippy, the assistant that accompanied us in Office two decades ago. Clippy, meanwhile, is back to us, albeit in the form of an emoji instead of an assistant (something is something).

Now Microsoft has taken Paint. Microsoft’s basic drawing program has been in the operating system since its inception, and in Windows 11 it remains one of the default programs that are installed alongside the operating system. In addition, Microsoft wanted to remind users that Paint is still there asking, through Twitter, that users share their creations.

And not only that, but the company has said that of all the creations it will choose one of them to place as the header of its Twitter profile. There are already more than 100 drawings shared by users. Do you want to be in the head of Microsoft? Share yours!

Programs with updates

In addition, as usual, the developers have used the weekend to update their programs. Some of the new versions that we can find of the most used programs are:

  • PeaZip: one of the best alternatives to WinRAR, a totally free and open source file compressor with which to open all kinds of compressed files. The new version 8.1.0 significantly improves performance and reduces RAM consumption when opening very large files, improves file conversion, updates libraries and has a total support of 220 file formats. We can download the new version from your website.
  • LosslessCut: very simple program to cut fragments of the videos without losing any quality. Version 3.37.0 adds a keyboard shortcut to open settings, a timer in the taskbar, updates translations, and fixes some minor bugs. We can download this version from its main page.
  • Mp3tag: complete metadata editor (ID3, Vorbis Comments and APE) for all types of music files. The new version 3.08 improves the tag panel, adds support for FLAC in MP4 and fixes several errors present in previous versions. We can download this version of the program from here.
  • Universal USB Installer: this program allows us to easily create a Live-USB image of practically any Linux distribution. The new version adds support for two new distros: AmogOS and HDClone. We can download this version from this website.

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