More news: Windows 13 concept and new versions of programs

Yesterday was the second Tuesday in July, Patch Tuesday. Since this morning, Windows users have found new security patches to bring the PC up to date. In addition, other companies have also released updates to keep the security of their programs as high as possible, such as Adobe. However, there has also been other news that we cannot ignore, news that we will see below.

Windows 11 has not arrived, but they already imagined Windows 13

Windows 11 hasn’t come to us yet, and people are already starting to go one step further. As we have seen on other occasions, there are designers who are dedicated to imagining what a future Windows update could look like (or what it should look like). This time we bring you the designer AR 4789, who wanted to imagine the future of Windows in his own way: neither more nor less than with Windows 13.

From the installation wizard and the launch of the OS, to the desktop we can see a radical change. The new file explorer is something that many users have been asking for for a long time (and that is not really going to be done), and many elements have been redesigned. However, some elements, such as the start menu, do not quite convince us.

This concept is not new (although it has started to gain popularity recently), but dates back to 2020. What do you think? Do you think he has hit on any of what Microsoft has presented for Windows 11? There are some elements in which yes, but in others it has gone too far. Would you like something of this concept to reach Windows 11?

Programs and other updates

We can also find new versions of programs, as well as updates to some operating systems, such as the ones we are going to see below.

  • LibreOffice: this is the best-known alternative to Microsoft Office that we can find on the Internet, a totally free and open source office suite that we can download and install without problems in our operating system. The Document Foundation has just released the RC1 of the new version 7.2, the first Release Candidate of this new update of the suite that will reach a stable phase over the next month. If you do not want to wait, and you want to know its news, you can download it from here. Of course, we remember that it is a version still in development and may have errors.
  • Tails: the private operating system for anonymous surfing on the Internet also receives an update. The new version 4.20 releases a new connection assistant, Tor Connection, in addition to updating many of the tools and packages that are part of this distro and correcting some errors, both in terms of operation and security. We can download the new version of this Linux from this link. If we already have it installed on the PC, or on a USB memory, we can update to the new version using its updater.

Also, don’t forget that you have new Windows and Adobe security patches today. You must install these updates as soon as possible if you do not want to endanger your PC.

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