More performance or battery when gaming: NVIDIA GeForce Experience helps you

As many of you already know, we are talking about one of the main hardware manufacturers of these graphic components. Hence precisely the popularity of these GPUs worldwide. However, the correct operation and optimization of this component is not only given by its hardware, but also the attached software is of great importance.

When we buy one or install a graphics from this company, at the same time we incorporate a series of drivers and additional software from NVIDIA into the operating system. The whole set will allow us to make the most of the games that we choose to run on our computer. It is for all this reason that in these lines we want to focus on the tool called NVIDIA GeForce Experience. It is usually found when installing the corresponding card drivers. Along with the NVIDIA control panel, we are going to find this add-on called GeForce Experience.

First of all, we must bear in mind that this is a useful application from the same firm that allows us to optimize the operation of games and graphic applications. All this is carried out in an automated way so that we can enjoy this software without loss of performance nor quality, all depending on our team. Internally GeForce Experience configures itself so that we can enjoy this playful software in the best way.

Configure NVIDIA GeForce Experience according to your needs

The tool itself is capable of detecting the games that we have installed on our computer and thus optimizing its operation. However, we can also carry out certain maintenance tasks manually to achieve what we want. This is something that, for example, will be very useful if we work with a laptop. We already know that one of the main characteristics of these equipments is that they allow us to use them without being connected to the electrical network.

But in this case we depend to a great extent on their autonomy. When we play this is a section that can be greatly diminished, but depending on our priority, we can give more importance to said autonomy, or the performance of the games themselves in their execution. Because all this is something that we can adjust and configure from the aforementioned tool, as we will show below.

We only have to access it, which we generally find through an icon located in the windows taskbar. Thus, if we work with a laptop, in its main interface, specifically in the left panel, we click on the General option.

GeForce Experience

At that time we will find several configuration parameters that will allow us to optimize the graphics performance of our team. However, in the case at hand, we are going to take a look at the section called Batery Boost, which is the one that interests us now. With that section we are going to find a sliding bar that we can move to prioritize, either the autonomy of the PC, or the quality when playing. These changes will be stored until the next time we modify them.

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