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After being formalized on August 10, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 has finally arrived at the editorial office. The cheapest folding screen smartphone on the market returns in a new, reworked and improved formula. If the concept remains the same, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 still manages to differentiate itself from its predecessor with a few subtle changes, especially inside its shell. What are they ? Are they conclusive? Are they disruptive? Are they accompanied by a price increase? You will find answers to all these questions, and many more, in this comprehensive test!

samsung galaxy z flip 4 review

We have become used to it: every year, Samsung presents new iterations of its Galaxy Z range during the summer season. 2022 is no exception. This year, the futuristic range is enriched with two models with foldable screens, the very popular (and very media-friendly) Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip, here in their 4th iteration. Recently unveiled during the Galaxy Unpacked which took place on August 10, these two new models tend to come to expand the range where, surprisingly, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will remain available at least for a few months, in order to sell stocks.

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We had published a very positive handling of the two smartphones on the occasion of their formalization. A few weeks later, it’s time for full testing, starting with the more accessible, more compact and also cuter of the two, the Galaxy Z Flip 4. And like its 2021 predecessor, it sits in a price zone equivalent to the flagships of the competition, making it one of the cheapest folding screen smartphones on the market.

In this test, we will obviously address all the technical aspects of the Z Flip 4. But we will not miss the opportunity given to us to make the comparison between the latter and its predecessor. Since the Galaxy Z Flip 3 will remain in Samsung’s catalog, it is all the more relevant this year to wonder whether to fall for the new model or whether it is not worth the cost.

Technical sheet

Galaxy Z Flip 4
Screen Internal screen:
Size 6.7 inches
Dynamic AMOLED 2X
Full HD+ definition (2640 x 1080 pixels)
Resolution 426 pixels per inch
Ratio 22:9e
Adaptive 120 Hz refresh

External screen:
Size: 1.9 inches
Definition: 260 x 512 pixels
60Hz refresh

chipsets Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 (4nm)
BONE Android 12
One UI 4.1
Storage 128/256/512 GB
microSD Nope
Photo sensors Major :
12 megapixel definition
pixel size: 1.4μm
lens opening at f/1.8
optical stabilization
dual-pixel autofocus

Ultra-wide angle:
12 megapixel definition
pixel size: 1.12μm
lens opening at f/2.2
viewing angle: 123°

4K video @ 30 frames per second

Selfie sensors 10 megapixel definition
pixel size: 1.22 µm
lens opening at f/2.4
Battery 3700mAh
25W charging
Wireless charging
Reverse wireless charging
5G Yes
Connectivity Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC, USB 3.2 (Type-C)
Biometrics Edge fingerprint reader
Audio two AKG stereo speakers
Water resistance IPX8

Price and availability

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 has also suffered inflation since it is offered from 1109 euros in its 128GB storage version where its predecessor was offered at a starting price of 1059 euros. This price increase is mainly justified by the improvement of the SOC and the battery. The other versions, containing 256 GB and 512 GB of storage, are respectively sold at 1169 euros and 1289 euros.

samsung galaxy z flip 4 review

Despite the 50 euro price increase, the Galaxy Z Flip 4 remains a rather affordable high-end smartphone. At this price, it is indeed cheaper than most flagships of competing brands. Only Honor’s Magic4 Pro can boast of being offered at a slightly lower price (at 10 euros less). The Galaxy S22 + is also cheaper, around fifty euros. But the Galaxy S22 Ultra is much more expensive.

Available from August 26, 2022, you can find it in 4 colors: blue, lavender, pink gold or black. Each of these colors will be offered with the three levels of storage, the last being exclusive to the Samsung site. For customization enthusiasts, you can also turn to a Bespoke edition sold from 1209 euros giving you over 70 different combinations. What to find his happiness.


Let’s start by opening the box. We find documentation, a nano-SIM card drawer ejector and a USB-C compatible charging cable. It may seem light. But there is nothing very impressive, because it is now the norm with several major manufacturers, including Samsung, Sony and Apple. Exit the sector charging block. You will therefore have to reuse that of a previous device (Samsung or other), or buy one separately if you do not have one.

samsung galaxy z flip 4 review

This represents an additional cost ofaround thirty euros on average. The price will depend on the model you choose, depending on the power of the charger you want and/or need. Last year we reported the little aftertaste of “not enough” when unboxing. If this is still the case this year, we are getting more and more used to discovering only a charging cable with our smartphones.


Now let’s look at the smartphone. With a first general remark: Samsung uses the same aesthetic codes of the 2021 model. If you put the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 4 next to each other, you will have a hard time spotting the differences at first glance. It is by looking more closely that we distinguish subtle differences. The first is at the hinge, which is less rounded. It is also more discreet than on the previous model. The second consists of a change in the treatment of the edges of the chassis. Brushed aluminum gives way to shiny aluminum. The slices were curved in 2021. They are now flatter. Finally, the back of the smartphone, on the other hand, goes from shiny to matte.

samsung galaxy z flip 4 review

The mechanical elements on the edges do not change. A fingerprint unlock button and two volume management buttons on the right. On the left, the port to insert the SIM card. And at the bottom of the phone, a microphone and a USB-C charging port. Note also that the fingerprint sensor is located on the upper part of the smartphone once unfolded. Depending on how you hold the phone, this biometric sensor becomes difficult to use. In addition, the legal notices on the back of the smartphone (including the CE standard, the ban on throwing the smartphone, etc.) are located on the lower part and are much more visible than before.

samsung galaxy z flip 4 review

The top cover of the smartphone incorporates the external screen. It measures 1.9 inches and allows quick access to many functions without having to open the phone. To his right we find a dual camera module. And the whole, like last year, fits into a large black and shiny space, contrasting with the matte color of the smartphone. The glass used on each of the exterior faces is Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+. Obviously we will find at the opening of the device, the large 6.7-inch screen punched at the top to accommodate the selfie camera.

samsung galaxy z flip 4 review

Finally, the device has an IPx8 certification, making it resistant to splashes and immersion at a depth of 1.5m for 30 minutes. The assurance therefore of avoiding many tragedies in the event of a fall on the ground or in water, or if the device is next to your keys in a pocket. However, there is no dust protection, given its collapsible nature. So be careful on this point.

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