More “retro” design slightly more size and weight in the new MacBook Pro

One of the things that has surprised us about these new MacBook Pros presented by Apple yesterday afternoon has been the backward movement in design. Many users believe that this more rounded design is better than that of previous MacBook Pro models. In this sense we believe that the MacBook Pro presented yesterday should have been launched a long time ago and that is the images can be deceiving, they are really spectacular with this design “Retro” and you can see it the moment you have it in front of you.

Obviously the colors taste and there will always be people who say that they do not like this design, it is totally understandable and logical, it does not have to be liked by everyone. Apple has worked hard to add more ports and more battery in these new MacBook Pros so obviously they grow a little more in thickness and weight but do not be scared, it is nothing to write home about compared to previous models. We capture the measurements of these 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro compared to previous models.

These are the measurements and weight of the 14-inch vs. 13-inch models last year:

measurements and weight MacBook Pro

These are the measurements and weight of 16-inch models:

measurements and weight MacBook Pro

As you can see the differences are really slim. What has changed a lot is the design due to the implementation of the ports, it is somewhat more rounded at the bottom and it seems to be thicker in the part of the stops of the lower part of the MacBook Pro that rest on the table, this we imagine that it will be to improve the heat dissipation of the equipment. In general, the changes seem good to us taking into account the improvements that have been added to the new Pro teams. Another thing is that we do not really need these beasts for our day to day and with a MacBook Air we have plenty.

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