More signs that point to the delay in the arrival of the Apple Watch Series 7

A few days ago the well-known analyst Mark Gurman, argued possible delays in the arrival of all Apple Watch Series 7 models, not all but some of them. Now again there are more rumors that indicate that Apple could present the device but not get to market it during the following week as it usually does. or even not present it.

Actually, the design change of the Apple Watch Series 7 seems to be leading some providers even though we are on key dates to have everything ready. The same will not happen on the iPhone since the company was far-sighted and started production well in advance.

The Apple Watch Series 7 presented but without units for sale or directly not presented

It may be the case that the presentation of the watch comes at the same time as the iPhone 13 but that it does not end up being launched on the market or it may not even be shown at the event. What is clear is that we have already some news indicating these possible delays in the arrival of the Apple smart watch and it could finally be like this …

The important thing now is to see if the company finally presents it with the new iPhone or waits to have more units in stock to show it and later sell it. The design change that entails an increase of just over 1mm in each of the two case sizes is taking the company headfirst. For their part, analysts and leakers indicate that the delay is almost confirmed so we will have to wait if we intend to change our Apple Watch.

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