more than 1,000 Android applications land in early access

The first major update of Windows 11 brings a multitude of Android applications, but France is not yet concerned.

As expected, Microsoft is starting to roll out the first major update to its latest operating system. Announced at the end of January, it brings several new features and corrects certain choices made by the Redmond firm. The main novelty is the preview of Android applications on Windows 11, via the Amazon App Store.

Promised by Microsoft, the possibility of launching Android apps in the Windows ecosystem was not offered when the OS was launched in October 2021. The company is rectifying this by adding the Amazon App Store to allow Windows users 11 to run applications on a PC. To work, it is necessary to add the application store of its partner Amazon and the Windows Subsystem for Android. Two new features available through Windows Update to update the operating system; and the Microsoft Store to access the Amazon Appstore Preview.

France does not yet have the right to Android apps

Unfortunately, Microsoft is content with early access and the “preview” only concerns the United States. The American giant does not communicate a deployment date for the rest of the world. It will therefore still be necessary to wait – or bypass Microsoft’s tool – to access Android applications. Across the Atlantic, Windows 11 is equipped with more than 1,000 Android applications and games.

France cannot yet access this function, but we can console ourselves with other new features. As we mentioned at the end of January, this update aims to improve the user experience with several interesting changes.

Windows 11 window sharing
© Screenshot / Microsoft

The taskbar evolves to provide the ability to mute and share any window. On the new OS, the weather widget appears in the left corner of the taskbar. It also serves as an entry point to other Windows 11 widgets.

Another small novelty, it is again possible to display the date and time on a second monitor. A small change, but a big step for those who work on multiple screens.

windows 11 clock
© Screenshot / Microsoft

Media player and Notepad evolve

This update is also an opportunity for Windows 11 to offer two new applications. The multimedia player has been redesigned to offer key functions (reading audio and video files, managing libraries, etc.) in a new design. This version replaces Groove Music and any music or playlist from the old application is automatically transferred.

Finally, the Notepad also changes its design to offer a dark mode. “If your default system theme is dark mode, Notepad will automatically adopt the dark theme”, says Microsoft. The firm wants to bring consistency to its OS by developing this historical application. The application is equipped with simplified menus, as well as new search and replacement tools. Microsoft is also adding support for multilevel undo; specifying that the function was “highly requested” by users.

This new version of the operating system is currently being deployed. Installing it raises the build number to 22000.527.

Microsoft promises regular updates

As a reminder, Microsoft has decided to review its strategy and to offer only one major annual update for Windows 10 and 11. However, this does not mean that these operating systems will be entitled to fewer updates. In its blog post, the American giant confides: “Over time, you’ll see us releasing new features more frequently in Windows 11 for end users, in addition to our annual update. We will leverage the various update mechanisms we have in place, including service updates and Microsoft Store updates. Our goal is to deliver continuous innovation, giving you the best experiences all year round. »

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