More than 370 people have died looking for a selfie for social networks since 2008

An investigation in which the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) of Elche (Spain) revealed that, between January 2008 and last July, at least 379 people died in the world as a result of a selfie, which is a death every 13 days on average.

The report, entitled “Deaths due to selfies using an epidemiological intelligence tool (2008 to 2021): cross-sectional study”, points out that, after a brief hiatus due to the pandemic, deaths from this type of photos have re-emerged in the first seven months of the year, in which there have been 31 fatal accidents, as reported yesterday by the UMH.

The teacher of UMH Clinical Medicine, José Manuel Ramos, He is responsible for the study, which indicates that, of the 379 deaths since 2008 due to this circumstance, 141 were tourists and the rest, 238, local population.

By countries, India stands out, with 100 deceased; The United States, with 39, and Russia, with 33, while Spain ranks sixth, with 15 deaths.

The leading cause of death is falls, with 216 cases. This is followed by accidents related to means of transport (123), drowning (66), firearms and electrocutions (24 each) and injuries received when photographing with wild animals (17).

Fatal accidents are more frequent among young people up to 19 years (41%) and twentysomethings (37%). The average age of the deceased is 24.4 years, while the ratio between men and women is three to two.

To carry out the study, an epidemiological intelligence tool was used that tracks all the information published on these events in English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian.

This work has helped researchers to size the problem.




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