More than half of companies lose data due to insufficient backups

Although for many IT professionals, periodically backing up is one of their main functions as such, most do not do it regularly. As a result, more than half of companies have suffered some kind of data loss, either for not having the backups they need when they have to do a data restoration or because they fail when they have to be used due to problems when doing it. This has been reflected in a report by the hardware company Apricorn.

For the preparation of this report, the company has carried out a survey on social networks, in which they have discovered that more than 50% of IT professionals have experienced data loss, and more than 60% acknowledge that their companies do not expect you to back up their files.

Among those who do make copies of their data, 55% opt for cloud-based solutions to store it. However, only 36% believe that the cloud is the safest place to store their backups. 28%, in fact, would prefer to have them in an off-site data center, while another 24% prefer to keep their copies on removable storage devices.

A third of those who responded to the survey acknowledged that they do not keep backup copies of their data in a second location outside their facilities. Of those that do, 30% make backup copies in the cloud, and just over 20% rely on storage devices when saving their secondary backups.

Jon Fielding, Apricorn Director EMEA, believes that backups should be the responsibility of each employee, regardless of their position in the company, and explains that “Data security is not just the responsibility of one person in a company. Each employee plays a role in it, and having individual as well as central backups is critical to maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture and business continuity. Data backup keeps information safe, and enables a much faster response to full restore and recovery when there is a problem, reducing downtime and minimizing financial and reputational data«.

Fielding also advises follow the 3-2-1 rule as the basis of any backup process: «keep three total copies of your data, on two different media, with one copy stored off-site«. He also points out that it is important «Having physical backups, even if you use cloud storage is essential in case your cloud provider suffers a temporary disconnection or has to face a breach«.

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