More than half of Spanish SMEs have been forced to renew their software

Business competitiveness cannot be understood without the use of digital tools. These can range from software to organize teams or logistics planning to platforms for electronic commerce or business data analysis (Business Intelligence, for its acronym in English). Therefore, the software renewal or the purchase of new products is essential for organizations.

Choosing the right digital tools is a task that should not be taken lightly. In this context, GetApp has carried out a study to understand the trends and behavior of selection and purchase of business software by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The data in this report comes from a survey of 102 managers and owners of SMEs in Spain who are involved in software purchase decisions or who are leaders/members of a group in this process or who have significant influence. You can read the full methodology at the end of the article.

Software renewal is due to growth

The trend of changing software has increased in recent years. 63% of those interviewed stated that are replacing software more often than ever before. Almost half of SMEs (48%) renew their digital tools every two years, while 25% do so between three and four years, while 23% do so every year.

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The main reason of the SMEs surveyed for the acquisition of new software or the change of the existing one is that the product that is currently used does not support business growth. Although there are other relevant factors such as: the software seems outdated or does not offer enough updates and that the tool does not offer all the required functionalities.

Regarding the budget to buy software, almost half of the respondents indicate that it is decided during or after the evaluation of the suppliers or products (48%), while 35% say that the budget was already decided prior to the evaluation. evaluation of the options to buy.

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