More video game series: Ubisoft and Binge will bring Driver to life

Driver, escape as you can

The legendary PlayStation game that hit stores in 1999 will return to the screens of all homes in serial format. Driver he managed to win the hearts of many, many players with his frenzied chases and tons of action on four wheels, and that is just what Ubisoft wants to achieve with its new alliance.

From the hand of Binge, will give life to the new Driver series, which will come completely exclusively to the service specialized in content for video game lovers. At the moment there are not too many details about it, but let’s remember that Binge will start working at some point in 2022 completely free of charge, so this series of Driver will be able to see it all those users who download the official application.

This service will be something like a Netflix focused on video game content, where the great creators of social media content will also have a lot to do with it. We will see how this service evolves.

The Ubisoft series

In the past E3, Ubisoft announced an agreement with Netflix to produce the series of Far cry, Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix and Spliner Cell. These productions will be animated, while Driver’s will be a series in real action, so it will remain to know the actors who will give life to the characters.

As for Binge, the service seems to be betting on very attractive content, and among its producers is Allan Ungar, known for his fantastic recreation of Uncharted with Nathan Fillion.

When will it be released?

At the moment, everything related to Ubisoft’s audiovisual productions maintains a constant speed but without great advances. In the case of Driver, at the moment everything is in a very early phase of development, so we will have to be patient until we can see the first trailer of the series. Hopefully at least we can meet the casting as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, projects like the Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland are nearing completion, plus Metal Gear Solid seems to be getting closer with the latest buzz surrounding the movie. It seems that we are going to have a good amount of movies and series inspired by video games, and it is something that we think is absolutely fantastic. What is the video game you are waiting to see turned into a movie with the most desire?

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