Most entrepreneurs do not reach the SMI during the first two years of activity

The road to success for entrepreneurs is hard, especially at the beginning. The fruits not always obtained in the short term and the obtaining of income does not advance as it would be desirable in the first months of activity.

At 93% of cases of digital entrepreneurship, billing for the first two years does not reach the minimum wage (SMI) of an employed professional in Spain, according to a survey by the Brandea School that brings together more than 3,000 digital consultants who ensure that the majority of the entrepreneurs they advise need professional support to make their businesses profitable.

differentiation work

The profile of the digital consultant is becoming one of the most demanded professions in the digital environment and among the new professions that are emerging
Thanks to the internet and social networks. This is the case of Irene Milián, CEO of the Brandea School and consultant specializing in personal branding: “There is no more billing in the first two years because differentiation is not worked on. When an entrepreneur lays the foundations well, he can accelerate the monetization process of his business”.

Specializing in personal branding, she has noticed that differentiation can be the strategy that enhances business success: “We have noticed that there is a need for entrepreneurs who launch themselves into the online world and that is that they need to start hand in hand with a specialized consultant who will guide them on their way.”, says Irene, who has been working for four years to train the people who will later help and guide digital professionals.

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