Most talked about Korean movies on Twitter around the world

It is a reality that Korean movies and productions are gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. Mixing this with the virality that social networks carry, they become a time bomb that can explode at any moment reaching the mouths of millions of people. For this reason, and after an official statement by the blue bird social network, we want to show you a compilation of the 20 most talked about Korean movies on Twitter around the world.

Korean cinema outside the country

Surely, especially if you are a bit of a cinephile, you will have noticed the enormous popularity and influence that Korean productions are gaining in recent years.

And, the truth is that many of them are certainly good. A clear example of this can be the movie of Parasites, made in South Korea, published in 2019 and that had a quite dramatic situation. In it, a family that did not have a job ends up entering the house of another wealthy family and acting, as the name of the film indicates, like parasites. Thanks to such a different and striking story, this film won many awards such as the Oscar for the best film in 2020, Oscar for the best original screenplay or the Palme d’Or in 2019, among many others.

Another Korean-produced content that has exploded even less long ago is The Squid Game. A Netflix series with a theme and cast from this country that has been the real talk of social media. It is even difficult that if you have been active on Twitter in the last month you have not heard of it.

Due to this great interaction by the users of this social network thanks to Korean cinema, Twitter has decided to make an official statement with the 20 most talked about Korean movies in recent years on its platform.

In addition, they also showed the list equivalent to the most popular Korean series on Twitter around the world But, if you think so, we will talk about that in another article in depth.

The most talked about Korean movies on Twitter

This is the list of the Korean movies that have hit it the most through the blue bird social network:

  1. “Parasite”
  2. “Minari” *
  3. “Snowpiercer”
  4. “Oldboy”
  5. “Space Sweepers”
  6. “Swing Kids”
  7. “Okja”
  8. “Peninsula”*
  9. “Train to Busan” *
  10. “Mother”
  11. “The Call”
  12. “Along with the Gods”
  13. “EXIT”
  14. “Forgotten”
  15. “Voice of Silence” *
  16. “Thirst”
  17. “Samjin Company English Class”
  18. “Little Forest” *
  19. “Burning” *
  20. “The Host”

Among them, how could it be otherwise, we find large successes What: Parasites, Snowbreaker, The Call or The Host. Both these and the rest of the films that we can see in this compilation have generated the interaction of millions of users throughout this social network. Something that has also helped the popularity of them grow and that, truly, they became viral.

And you, are you a fan of Korean cinema? If you miss a movie in this official Twitter list, you can leave it in the comments so that we can all take a look.

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