Most watched Netflix movies and series in Brazil (03/14 to 03/20)

Since Netflix launched the “Top 10 on Netflix” portal, every week becomes an appointment to keep an eye on the main series and movies watched on the streaming platform. This Tuesday (22), the most viewed works between March 14 and 20 were released.

After the changes in its metrics, the company started to list the works based on the total number of hours viewed. This was the standard to display the global rankings of films and series in English or another language, as well as the main titles played in more than 90 countries — yes, Brazil is in this cake.

All lists count viewing time on each content from Monday to Sunday of the previous week. The portal also makes retroactive lists available since the end of June this year and there is an indicator that shows how many times the work appeared in the top 10.

Without further ado, let’s go to the most watched Netflix movies and series in Brazil in the last week.

Most watched titles on Netflix in Brazil

According to the website, the 10 most watched films in the country in the last week were:

  • 1 – “The Adam Project”
  • 2 – “Black Crab”
  • 3 – “Gemini Man”
  • 4 – “Until Next Time”
  • 5 – “Ruby Rescue”
  • 6 – “John Wick 2 – A New Day to Kill”
  • 7 – “The Bombardment”
  • 8 – “One Piece: Strong World”
  • 9 – “How to Become the Worst Student in School”
  • 10 – “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”

Image: Playback/Top10Netflix

The main series that fell in the taste of Brazilian Netflix subscribers include:

  • 1 – “Taboo: Season 1”
  • 2 – “The Last Kingdom: Season 5”
  • 3 – “3 Ton$ – Central Bank Robbery: Season 1”
  • 4 – “Angel Face: Season 1”
  • 5 – “Accomplices to a Rescue: Season 1”
  • 6 – “No One Can Know: Season 1”
  • 7 – “Polyana’s Adventures: Season 1”
  • 8 – “Chiquititas”
  • 9 – “Inventing Anna”
  • 10 – “Coffee with a Woman’s Scent: Season 1”
Netflix series

Image: Playback/Top10Netflix

Unfortunately, the viewing hours rating only appears in the global list. Still, the Brazilian ranking is a good way to see what’s happening on the platform and use the metrics to discover new titles or even rewatch some hits.

Access to the portal to view all other listings can be done through from this link. For now, the site is only available in English and Spanish, but Netflix has assured that it will add other languages ​​soon.

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