Mother stole her daughter’s identity to ask for loans and flirt with young men

A Missouri mother will be behind bars for five years, as she stole her daughter’s identity, from whom she is estranged, to obtain student loans, enroll in college and try to establish romantic relationships with young people. Is about Laura Oglesby, 48, who impersonated Lauren Hays, for more than two years in an elaborate scam that misled both the federal government and locals in the small town of Mountain View.

It all started in 2016, Oglesby applied for a Social Security card in Hays’s name, which he promptly received in the mail. As the months went by, Oglesby decided that she would pretend to be his daughter. and claimed that he was only 22 years old. Shortly after that she began to seduce men younger than her, who had no idea that he was nearly two decades older than she claimed he was.

“They all believed it. She even had boyfriends who they thought she was 22 years old, “Chief Jamie Perkins of the Mountain View Police Department told the New York Times. Authorities said Oglesby even had his own Snapchat account where he pretended to be Hays.”She had fully adopted a younger lifestyle: clothes, makeup and personality. She had fully assumed becoming a younger person in her 20s, “said Detective Stetson Schwien.

He carried his lie to the last instances

Oglesby applied for a Missouri driver’s license in his daughter’s name before enrolling at Southwest Baptist University. He also applied for financial aid and received $ 9,400 in federal student loans, $ 5,920 in grants and $ 1,863 in finance charges.

Nevertheless, His elaborate scam collapsed in August 2018as Arkansas authorities contacted Mountain View police because they believed Oglesby had committed financial fraud using his daughter’s name. Later, the agents went to question her and she denied having stolen her daughter’s identity but soon after she broke down and admitted her crime. Nevertheless, he recently received his conviction.

Oglesby will not be paroled after pleading guilty to one count of knowingly providing false information to the Social Security Administration. Under the terms of your plea agreement, Oglesby must also pay $ 17,521 in restitution to Southwest Baptist University in Missouri and his daughter.


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