motherboards are not yet compatible with the new 24 and 48 GB DDR5 RAM

DDR5 RAM has been available on the market for many months now, and some manufacturers have unveiled new 24 GB and 48 GB RAM modules, a first.

Credit: @Zed__Wang / Twitter

Corsair and Crucial were first to unveil 24GB and 48GB RAM sticks. This is unprecedented on the market, since classic DDR5 memories have until now been made up of 8, 16 or even 32 GB kits.

Officially, AMD Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 processors as well as 12th (Alder Lake) and 13th generation Intel chips are compatible with kits of up to 128 GB of RAM, but these new modules with unusual capacities come to shake up the configurations that the found until now in all PCs on the market. With 4 bars of 48 GB, it would now be possible to reach 192 GBbut that on the condition that the motherboards keep pace.

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AMD is still late with new DDR5 bars

According to @Zed__Wang, a Twitter user who has already received a 48 GB DDR5 kit from Corsair (24 GB x 2), it seems that AMD motherboards are still not fully compatible with these new memory capacities.

Corsair and Crucial have so far used motherboards compatible with Intel platforms to test their new memory kits, and we hadn’t yet heard of AMD in this matter.

After installing its 48 GB of RAM in its PC equipped with an ASUS ROG Strix B650E-E Gaming Wi-Fi motherboard, the Internet user was surprised to find that his computer refused to start on Windowswhich proves that manufacturers are not yet fully ready to accept these new capacities.

However, it seems that the motherboard has a first update making it compatible with this type of memory. If that hadn’t been the case, he could not have entered the PC BIOS to attempt to boot the device. So it remains to be seen when motherboard manufacturers for AMD platforms will roll out their respective updates.

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