Motorola says iPhone users are switching to Android to have a foldable

Motorola has just renewed its range of foldable smartphones. With its clamshell phones, the company says it is converting more and more iPhone users to Android.

The supply of foldable smartphones under Android is a little more abundant every day. In the clamshell format, Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flips have long been the benchmark devices. The chaebol is now in competition with Chinese companies, and there are even rumors that Google is planning to launch its own flip phone. Motorola has just refreshed its line of foldable smartphones with the razr40 Ultra and the razr40, which can boast of being the first folding chair for less than €900.

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The smartphone market is bad. Even Apple is struggling to sell its iPhones, and the fact that the Cupertino company does not market a foldable smartphone is pushing some fans of the brand to get a razr. This is what a Motorola executive said before the launch of the razr40 and razr40 Ultra. She adds, “It’s definitely the most popular family of phones with older iPhone users.” Not less than 20% of new razr buyers come from the iOS ecosystem.

Many former iPhone users are buying the razr, Motorola says

Yet if, as the CPR Institute did, you ask American consumers to name the brand of foldable smartphone they would buy, only 6% cite Motorola. With 46% of the votes, Samsung has the favor of the publicwhile Apple, although it does not sell foldables and will have to wait until 2025 to see the hypothetical iPhone Fold, returns 39% of the time.

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One thing is certain. With its more contained price, the razr40 has a real card to play and could really democratize foldable smartphones. Admittedly, it imposes concessions on performance and on certain functionalities, but the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1the 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage, and theinternal 6.9 POLED display inches will easily allow users to use the device for the most common tasks without compromising their experience.

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