Mouse not working in Windows? This is how you use the keyboard to move the cursor

The graphical interface of Windows, like that of macOS and any Linux distribution, is designed to be used with a mouse, although, doing a bit of juggling, we can also use it with a keyboard, although it is not an easy task. If our mouse stops working or does it erratically and we lose a lot of time to move the mouse cursor on the screen, the solution is to buy a new one. What if the stores are already closed? It absolutely does not happen, since we can use Windows cursor with keyboard.

Windows not only allows us to interact with the operating system through key combinations to access the start menu, run applications or access the option menus without using the mouse, but also allows us to move mouse arrow using the numeric keypad of our keyboard. If we do not have a numeric keyboard, as it is a laptop, we will have to use the Fn key to use these functions through the keys where these functions are located.

Move the mouse cursor with the keyboard

The Windows function that allows us to move the mouse cursor using the numeric keypad on our keyboard is found within the Accessibility options, a function designed for people who, due to mobility problems, cannot interact correctly with the mouse. or they do it with difficulty and it is easier for them to press on the keyboard. This option is available within the Windows configuration options (Win + i), within the Accessibility section.

Within the Accessibility section, in the left column, we go to the section Interaction and, in the right column, we check the box Turn on Mouse Keys to use the numeric keypad to move the mouse pointer. Next, we check the boxes Use only Mouse Keys when the numeric keypad is activated. From this moment on, the numeric keyboard will not work and we will only be able to use it to move the mouse arrow.

Move the mouse cursor with the keyboard

To move left or right, we must press the 4 and 6 keys respectively, while to move up or down, we must use the 8 and 2 keys respectively. When we place the pointer over the button we want to press, the left mouse button becomes key 5. By default, the cursor speed is very slow, but we can increase it by holding down the Control key or decrease it with the Shift key.

But, if the speed is still extremely slow, we can modify the speed of the pointer from the section pointer speed, moving it to the left to increase its speed and to the right when it is too high. Right after, we have the option to modify the acceleration speed, that is, the time it takes for the pointer to reach its maximum speed of movement. As soon as this box is checked, we can now move the mouse cursor with the mouse arrows, without having to restart the computer.

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