Move the taskbar around? Windows 11 won’t let you

Getting to the taskbar when working with the operating system is vital. Thanks to it we can have at hand all the programs that we have open, change from one to another, access the search engine, the start menu … everything. Windows has always brought this taskbar at the bottom, but we can’t deny that since current monitors and displays are 16: 9, it has much more utility on one side.

Everyone can place the taskbar where it is most comfortable for them. However, starting with Windows 11, this is going to change.

A much more limited taskbar in Windows 11

Windows 11 will not only bring new features and features, but it will also remove functions that, until now, were present in the system. For example, according to the list of changes and features of Windows 11, the taskbar will eliminate several functions. Some of them are even welcome, such as the removal of the button People. Also Microsoft is going to make some system icons do not appear in the system tray, another change also well received.

However, there are two changes that are giving a lot to talk about. The first one is that, from now on, third-party applications will not be able to modify the appearance of this taskbar. This means that, as of Windows 11, there is no more using programs that can, for example, change the location of the icons or divide the bar into different areas. In addition, Microsoft has also eliminated the possibility of change site taskbar, the lower part being the only place where we can place this bar.

This makes sense, in a way, considering that the programs’ fresh start, browser, and effects are designed with this location in mind. If we move it around, it would no longer be the same.

Microsoft can still turn the tables

This decision has not liked many users, who have filled the networks as Reddit of complaints and criticism towards the company. The truth is that it does not make much sense to limit the position of the taskbar to the bottom, when, in addition, the new design of the same would look just as good on one side as on the top.

Windows 11 is still in development. And therefore, Microsoft still has time to reconsider and allow users to change the position of this taskbar. And, if not, there will always be third-party programs that allow us to do so, although that would be going backwards, just like when we installed an alternative start menu in Windows 8.

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