Movie deals: Star Wars saga, Matrix Trilogy and much more!

Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Pack

You are now in one of the best moments to get hold of the Star Wars Skywalker saga in Blu-ray edition. And it is that this pack, composed of 9 Blu-rays corresponding to the remastered movies plus 9 Blu-rays more of extra content, is right now at a price of 77.99 euros, when it is usually around 120 euros (sometimes even more). If you are a true fan of the franchise, you have to have this pack that even comes with a thank you letter from Mark Hamill.

X-Men Collection

This pack includes all ten films in the X-Men Collection, without forgetting, of course, hours of extra content. This collector’s edition is currently in its historical minimum price, so that you can boast of a cinephile library for little money. Professor X, Storm, Cyclops and Wolverine, among others, are waiting for you. In Blu-ray format, of course. Do not fall asleep that flies.

Wonder Woman 1984

We went from Marvel to DC to put you on the trail of this Wonder Woman Blu-ray. The last film of the great amazon is currently with a good discount, in fact, it is the best it has ever had in the Amazon showcase, staying in only 12.34 euros . A fantastic opportunity to add the ribbon to your collection, don’t you think?


And another DC Comics character that sneaks in here, yes, seen from a very different perspective. This is the award-winning Joker, a film that gave a lot to talk about when it was released because of the way it treated a comic book character. The result? Absolutely packed in theaters for weeks and an accolade to show off. For only 8 euros you have to have it on your shelf.

300 – Iconic Collection

If you had pending to get the Blu-ray of 300 for your personal library, his thing is that you take the glove to the Iconic Collection. This edition comes with never-before-seen bonus footage, commentary from director Zack Snyder, historical documentation, and other bonus content that you’re sure to enjoy. Especially knowing that it will only cost you 8.99 euros. Getting into Sparta has never been so cheap.

Matrix – The Complete Trilogy

Now that the trailer for the new and long-awaited Matrix Resurrections, it comes that neither painted this trilogy of the original saga. With it you can have the three tapes (Matrix, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolution) along with a good amount of bonus material in Blu-ray format. We can’t think of a better time to get this pack and remember the whole story of Neo and Trinity for only 14.96 euros. It is the moment and you know it.

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