Movies and series in which actors from The Boys appear and you did not realize

They sure look familiar to you. When you saw them for the first time in TheBoys some sounded familiar to you, but you don’t remember exactly what. So We are going to refresh your memory with some of the main interpretations who have made the protagonists of the Prime Video series in recent years and that, surely, has helped them to reach today in such good shape. A quarry of actors that is leaving its mark within the current serial landscape of the Amazon platform.

Patriot: Anthony Starr

Patriot the Boys.

The New Zealand actor does not have a well-known career and except TheBoyshis most important achievement came with the different series of Banshees, where he plays Lucas Hood. That has happened in Banshee Origins: Checking In, Banshee Origins Y Banshee. Oh, and we can’t forget one of his most notorious beginnings in the 90s with his appearance in Xena the Warrior Princess.

Stormfront: Aya Cash

Born in California, this actress has a long career in all kinds of productions, such as Will & Grace where she plays Olivia Walker, the celebrated The Newsroom by acclaimed Aaron Sorkin or Janine Lesko’s character in Law. But surely his most important project, and his most successful, was that of The wolf of Wall Street, film starring Leonardo Di Caprio and directed by Martin Scorsese.

Safety: Chace Crawford

The man capable of submerging himself in the sea and surviving thanks to his glorious gills also has a career closely linked to television, where we have been able to see him in Casual playing Byron but, above all, one of the most recognized series of the last 15 years, such as gossip-girlwhere he gets into the skin of Nate Archibald.

Madelyn StillwellElisabeth Shue

We hit one of the heavyweights, an actress of recognized prestige since she emerged in the 1980s as celebrities youthful thanks to a film that raised her to the top: karate Kid. From there it was all big news as one of the best-known young faces in Hollywood: adventures in the big city, Cocktail, Scandal on set, Back to the Future II and III, etc. Her definitive leap as one of the greats of acting came in 1995, with Leaving Las Vegaswhich was followed taking apart harry, The man Without a shadow and already focused on television series, ITUC and more recently cobra kai.

Billy Butcher: Karl Urban

More than 30 years of career support this New Zealander who He has played roles of all types, eras and universes imaginable. From √Čomer in The Lord of the Rings The Two Towers and The Return of the Kingto Skurge in thor ragnarok. That, without forgetting his role as Doctor ‘Bones’ McCoy in the movies of star trek, star trek beyond Y star trek into the dark, all created by JJ Abrams in recent years; or Vaako within some productions related to riddik. And as in the case of Patriota, he also had one of his first jobs in Xena the Warrior Princesswhere he came to sign three different roles: Julius Caesar, Caesar and Cupid.

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