Movies, series, anime… Recap of video game adaptations for 2022

We take stock of the next video game adaptations that we expect in 2022, even those of which we know almost nothing.

Adaptations of video games on the small and big screen are on the rise. If we had known some of them more than a decade ago, it is since the rise of Netflix that serious things have started to multiply at great speed. The popularity of video games has so much increased, especially since the start of the pandemic, that you would be surprised to see the number of adaptations that are expected in cinemas or on SVOD platforms.

Here we recap all the productions, from films to series, including animated series, which should see the light of day in 2022 and which we are eagerly awaiting. Because, experience has shown it to us, it is sometimes difficult to find a satisfactory replay of a video game.


It is one of the first adaptations that we will be able to see in the cinema. Uncharted, inspired by the eponymous games, will immerse us in the beginnings of the adventures of Nathan Drake, camped here by Tom Holland (Spider-Man). He will be accompanied by his faithful friend Sully (Mark Whalberg) and Chloe Frazer (Sophia Taylor Ali). In the role of the antagonists we will find the talented Tati Gabrielle and the iconic Antonio Banderas.

On the scenario side, we find more or less the same issues as in the games Uncharted 3 and 4in which Nathan goes in search of a priceless (and very well hidden) treasure to save his brother Sam. mercenaries armed to the teeth to find the treasure before the young man. Uncharted will be in theaters from February 16.

The trailer was unveiled during the Game Awards 2021. The second installment of the adventures of Sonic features the same cast as the first time, with Jim Carrey in the role of Dr. Robotnik, among others. It will also welcome Shemar Moore, and Idris Elba, the latter interpreting the best enemy of Sonic, Knuckles. It will be in the cinema from next April 6 in France.

In the category of animated films, we are also waiting for the feature film dedicated to Mario and his gang. It will be produced by Illumination studios, at the origin of the famous Moi, Moche et Méchant or Tous en scène. In the title role, we will find Chris Pratt, aka Starlord in the Guardians of the Galaxy, but also Ana Taylor-Joy (The lady’s game) as Peach, Jack Black as Bowser and finally Seth Rogen as Donkey Kong.

A fine team for a film of which we still know almost nothing, or even what it will look like. Given the style of the Illumination studio, we can expect a rather classic 3D animation, more or less like we find in the games of the franchise. The movie Super Mario Bros. should be released in theaters around the end of the year holidays 2022.

After being announced years ago, then canceled and finally re-released, The Division movie should see the light of day this year. If it still does not have a precise release date, that we do not know what it will be called or even what it will talk about, we do know the two actors who will carry the saga of shooting games. ‘screen.

It will be Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain, two well-known heads in Hollywood. According to the latest rumors, filming should start soon, and if post-production does not drag, we should have our film on Netflix in 2022 as planned.

borderlands movie
Credit: Lionsgate

It’s a project we’ve been talking about since 2015. Produced by Lionsgate, it will be directed by Eli Roth, who will carry the game saga Borderlands on the big screen in a live-action feature film. To interpret the zany characters of the franchise, he called on Jack Black, who will give his voice to the robot Claptrap, Kevin Hart (Jumanji) who will play Roland, to Cate Blanchett (Nightmare Alley) who will play Lilith, to Jamie Lee Curtis (Halloween Kills) who will play Dr. Patricia Tannis and finally Ariana Greenblatt who will play Tiny Tina, character at the heart of a spin-off soon to be released on consoles and PC.


the last of us series
Credits: HBO

It is one of the most awaited productions, and yet, we know practically nothing about it. While it still does not have an official trailer, only a few images from the series The Last of Us were shared by the production. According to these we can already expect an adaptation of the most faithful, at least visually. In the cast, we will find actors Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in the roles of Joel and Ellie respectively.

The narration should faithfully retrace that of the first game, released on PS3 in 2013. As a reminder, Ellie and Joel are two survivors of a global disaster that has transformed the population into zombies. While they have to evolve in a particularly hostile world, they learn to protect each other and create a unique bond. A release is planned on HBO Max in the summer of 2022. We do not yet know anything about French availability since the service is not yet open to our countries.

It was unveiled on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the franchise Halo. The famous shooter will therefore offer a series specially dedicated to Master Chief, also called the Major. Aided by Cortana, an artificial intelligence, the Spartan’s mission is to end the alien conflict that affects the galaxy.

No precise broadcast date for the moment, but the series should land on Paramount+ by the end of 2022. As with HBO Max, Paramount+ is not yet available in France, so we are counting on Microsoft to find a way to broadcast the series to us in France for this year as well.

Another adaptation that we owe to N red. Series resident Evil will join the ranks of the platform by moving from the animated series – see Infinite Darkness – to live-action production. This takes place years after the first opuses, when the children of Albert Wesker, whose role was entrusted to Lance Reddick, come to move to New Raccoon City.

They then discover the more than gloomy past of the city, which would be linked to the many secrets of their father. In a second time, the series will approach a second timeline, while the virus-T invaded the earth, decimated the population and created billions of monsters. Young actresses Ella Balinska and Tamara Smart will play Wesker’s daughters. The series should see the light of day in 2022.

For this series, we cannot speak of a video game adaptation strictly speaking, since it is actually based on the universe of Andrzej Sapkowski’s books, just like the games The Witcher. As such, it is more of a spin-off of the main series of the same name, available on Netflix and which will also continue in 2022.

Blood Origin transports us 1200 years before the adventures of Geralt de Riv, while the wars between humans and elves are still raging. It was then that the first witchers were created, mutant beings endowed with agility and strength, and whose lifespan far exceeded that of men. A series to be found on Netflix in 2022.


This is one of the first adaptations to which we will be entitled this year on Netflix. the animated series The Cuphead Show takes up the visual and narrative codes of the video game saga of the same name. We then find the wacky characters of Cuphead and Mugman, as well as Ms Chalice, and bosses well known to fans. This is to be found on Netflix from February 18.

  • Cyberpunk 2077: Edgerunners
cyberpunk edgerunners anime series
Credits: Netflix

As its name suggests, Netflix has decided to create an animated series inspired by the famous game Cyberpunk 2077. A real hit on PC (and a fiasco on consoles), the world of critics agrees that it is a title with a deep and simply splendid narration.

cyberpunk edge runners will therefore take up this universe by depicting in ten episodes the life of a “street kid”, who has no other choice but to become a mercenary, otherwise called an Edgerunner. Netflix has not yet given us a release date for this anime. Will the firm align with the release of next-gen versions of Cyberpunk 2077? Answer in a few months.

After 25 long years, Lara Croft will have known lives. After films, worn by Angelina Jolie, a panoply of video games, including a reboot version from 2015, the animated series should link all these universes into one. Indeed, if the narration will follow the reboot games more, in which Lara has more depth, we should also find characters introduced in the first games.

This is particularly the case of Zip, a hacker in his spare time who helps Lara in the field of computer hacking, and who should be doubled by Allen Maldonado. But there will also be Jonah Maiava, a friend of the adventurer introduced in the last games and voiced by Earl Baylon. Lara Croft will be interpreted by Hayley Atwell in VO. Netflix still hasn’t revealed a release date for this series or an official visual, but it shouldn’t take long.

many more

Besides these productions, we are still awaiting news of other projects, which have been announced but seem to have stalled. We can cite in particular the series Sonic Prime which, in addition to its logo, has not revealed anything about its content when it is supposed to land on Netflix this year. This is also the case of the series Assassin’s Creedof which we know absolutely nothing.

Note that in parallel, Netflix is ​​also working on other stamped projects Assassin’s Creedof which an animated series and movie which they should come out a little later. On the anime side, we are also awaiting news of the movie Minecraftwhich has found a director in the person of Peter Sollett, but which still has nothing concrete to put in our mouths.

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