Movistar is winning the battle against piracy: the cuts in the CCCAM signal during the matches do not stop

For a few months, when a game starts, those users who want to watch football through a pirate CCCAM service encounter a problem: constant cuts or a direct lack of signal which makes it impossible to enjoy the encounter.

The first rumors pointed to possible DDOS attacks, although it seems that the impossibility of watching football on CCCAM has little to do with a brute force attack, rather Movistar has found the key to eliminate this illegal system to watch LaLiga and other events without paying the corresponding subscription.

Notably these outages only affect CCCAM or Client Card Conditional Module services, since a pirate IPTV can be blocked by a DDOS attack. So what is happening to make it impossible to watch football via satellite? well what Movistar has found the key to win the battle against this type of piracy and protect the intellectual property of these services.

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How CCCAMs work and why it is impossible to watch football by satellite

Until recently, CCCAM was one of the most used options when accessing paid content illegally. Unlike pirate IPTV services, it is essential to have a satellite dish, but the vast majority of neighborhood communities have one installed, so all you had to do was buy a decoder and get a card that would allow you to watch football at very low prices. You just have to take a walk through Aliexpress and search for CCCAM Spain to see that the prices for an annual service are less than 10 euros.

The system, although more complex than pirate IPTV, is more effective. In summary, a protocol is created that is responsible for decoding the encrypted satellite signals by receiving the necessary keys for it online.

When you want to watch satellite TV, you just need to connect to the community satellite dish and have a decoder with a card that decodes the corresponding keys to see the signal. When contracting a satellite service, such as the one offered by Movistar+, the decoder receives a new key (ECM) every 10-15 seconds that the card is responsible for decrypting to broadcast the signal. In the case of CCCAM, what is done is that, A legal card is shared through a server (cardsharing) so that a single person connects the decoder to the computer and distributes the keys to all users in real time.

This method was really effective and for years it was a widely used option to watch football illegally, but Telefónica has managed to find the key to prevent this from happening.

How does Movistar manage to cut the CCCAM signal?

La Liga Movistar

They do this when a match starts, which is the time when most users connect to watch football illegally. And, according to expert sources, the system consists of a reprogramming of the CAS that does not affect the original decoders. But when a user service that wants to watch football via CCCAM finds that your decoder receives “ghost ECM”, or empty keys that make it impossible to decipher the match signal.

This illegal business moves tens of millions every year, so CCCAM services are already looking for ways to avoid ghost ECM and continue offering the signal illegally. But it is clear that Movistar has struck a blow on the table, making it clear that it will not cease its fight with a single objective: to protect the intellectual property of these services and prevent people who want to use these pirate systems from accessing the content illegally. And at the moment there is no solution to be able to watch football by satellite.

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