Movistar Plus+ expands its High Resolution offer with two new HD channels

In terms of image quality, it can be said that DTT and channel platforms do not provide a precisely good service in our country. Fortunately, in the rest of the countries, with few exceptions, the situation is the same. Little by little the platforms are raising the quality of their broadcasts, but the process is extremely slow. AND If you are a Movistar Plus+ customer, we bring you good news as they have added two HD channels to their dial.

In this way, and as reported the companions of MundoPlusTV, Movistar Plus+ is beginning to broadcast two AMC Networks channels in High Definition. In this way, the XTRM (dial 20) and Blaze (dial 75) channels go up from SD to HD quality to offer a better visual landscape, joining other AMC Networks channels that are already broadcast in this resolution, such as Decasa in HD.

It was an open secret that Movistar would add new HD channels to its content grid very soon. Using a virtual decoder you can access the test channels of the blue operator you could access the test channels, which you cannot see if you use the official Movistar Plus+ decoder, and among the available content there was an XTRM test channel in HD, just like a Blaze HD.

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Blaze and XTRM HD arrive at Movistar Plus+

This way10 AMC Networks International channels are already broadcast in this format, being able to find the channels Blaze, XTRM, Canal Hollywood, Sundance TV, Historia, Odisea, Canal Cocina, Canal Decasa and Canal Panda, available for fiber customers.

Regarding the rest of the channels available on AMC Networks International, at the moment there are four left (Dark, Somos, Crimen+Investigación and Sol Música) that continue to broadcast in SD, although they will start to offer their content in HD before the end of the year.

On the other hand, remember that you will also find 4K channels on Movistar through AMC Networks International, since you have Odisea 4K, Canal Decasa 4K and Canal Cocina 4K available.

4K broadcasts will take time to arrive

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The deployment of HD in our country is being a shame. Little by little, more and more channels are arriving in High Definition, and we know that from 2023 by law all channels must broadcast in this format, but the process is being extremely slow.

And in a sector where there are more and more 4K Smart TVs due to their attractive prices, it makes no sense that today the offer of DTT HD channels is so extremely low. And the worst of all is that they will raise the resolution of the signal by law, otherwise they would not have done so. Or what is the same: there are many years ahead before DTT 4K arrives in our country.

Something similar happens with platforms that offer television channels. Whether Movistar, Orange TV or Vodafone TVthey have many dials in SD, let alone the limited offer in UHD, where the available 4K channels can be easily counted.

We hope that in the coming years this situation will change, since there is currently a very large limitation in this regard. And considering the leakage of users who have completely abandoned DTT to enjoy on-demand offers that allow them to see what they want in better resolution and without a set schedule, it is better that the traditional channels get their act together if they want to continue being an exponent to be taken into account. Will things change in the coming years?

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