Movistar Plus+ will broadcast all football matches through the new DAZN LaLiga package

Last December we learned that LaLiga was selling the rights to Movistar and DAZN for five seasons for 4,950 million to be able to watch football through both platforms. In this way, the blue operator had the rights to half of the day and DAZN the other half. Obviously, Telefónica sat down to negotiate with DAZN to be able to offer all the matches of the day. Said and done: finally there is agreement and Movistar Plus+ will launch a new DAZN LaLiga package to watch football in Spain.

A few hours ago they issued a Press release in which they explain that “After signing the contract with LaLiga last January, Telefónica and DAZN reached a non-exclusive distribution agreement for the DAZN LaLiga package with the aim of making LaLiga more accessible to football fans”.

In this way, Movistar Plus + will be able to broadcast all the matches as before through a new package of matches that will be available for the next five seasons, starting in 2022/2023 and ending in the 2026/2027 season.

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Movistar Plus+ will continue to offer all football matches in LaLiga

The agreement, which amounts to 280 million for each of the seasons, represents a saving of 15% compared to the cost of each day in recent years, so both companies are satisfied with the result.

To begin with, Movistar Plus+ customers will be able to hire the DAZN LaLiga package to watch football matches through the DAZN app or on channels that the blue platform will launch. We do not have more information about the package, but it will surely be within the new Movistar Family packs, which replace Movistar Fusión. Say that if you are not a Movistar Plus+ customer You can also contract the DAZN LaLiga package directly through this platform, but you will only have access to five of the ten matches on each day.

Sergio Oslé, president of Movistar Plus + indicated that: “At Movistar we are going to focus all our efforts so that our clients have access to the widest range of content on the market. With this new agreement we guarantee access to all Movistar Plus+ customers to the main competition of our football during the coming seasons. The agreements reached with LaLiga and DAZN reinforce the relationship with the best partners to continue promoting our Infinite Stadium with an unparalleled sports offer.”

For his part, Jacopo Tonoli, Chief Commercial Officer, DAZN Groupm reported that: «ANDWe are very happy to announce this new distribution agreement with Movistar Plus+, which expands our current association. Our mission is to make premium sport more accessible to an ever-increasing number of fans in an easy, flexible and innovative way, and this agreement allows us to do so, while achieving further growth in Spain.”

An agreement that we all expected, although it will be necessary to see how much this package will cost to watch football, since at the moment Movistar Plus + has not given more information about it. Meanwhile, the blue operator continues with its particular battle against the use of CCCAM to watch football, and is ensuring that constant cuts prevent enjoying a match properly, dealing a heavy blow to piracy and protecting the intellectual property of content so that they are not reproduced illegally. Finally, we invite you to learn about BlackHole and other tools that LaLiga is using to put an end to pirate IPTV, they will surprise you!

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