Mozilla and Vivaldi are not happy with Windows 11 and the default browser theme

When Windows 11 hit the market, one of the things that bothered users the most was the change Microsoft introduced to make changing the default browser a little more complicated. We already told you about it in this article, where we saw that, in the end, it was tedious having to check the file association boxes one by one in order to complete the change of the default browser.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that with this change, Microsoft was “pushing” many users to use Edge as their default browser for sheer convenience, something that obviously affected less knowledgeable users more. The point is that, in the end, the Redmond giant seemed to realize his mistake and released an optional update that changed the default browser It was as simple as a simple click.

A few days ago Mozilla already expressed its dissatisfaction with this issue, and Vivaldi is in the same situation. Both companies are not at all satisfied with the measures Microsoft has taken to make it easier to change the default browser in Windows 11, and the main reason for their anger is that, in order to make it easier to change the browser again, requires the user to choose to install an optional updatesomething that according to both companies does not usually occur frequently among most users, and especially affects those with less technical knowledge.

Mozilla and Vivaldi want the change to apply to all Windows 11 users

And not only to those who install that optional update, so clearly it has been the head of Vivaldi, Jon von Tetzchner, who He has said verbatim that:

“This should apply to all users, not just those who are technically proficient enough to realize they need to install an optional update, and know how to do it. Must be installed for all users«.

I think the words of the CEO of Vivaldi are very clear, so much so that they speak for themselves and there is no need to qualify them. For a user without technical knowledge, or with a modest level, it is very likely that this optional update will go unnoticed which will give you the ability to more easily choose the default Windows 11 browser, while a more advanced one will probably have you “in the crosshairs” from the start. The problem is that there is a greater number of less advanced users, with all that this implies in this regard.

What the Vivaldi executive is proposing is that this optional update that will facilitate the change of browser in Windows 11 be mandatory, that is, installed by default on all computersso that something as important as being able to change browsers in a simpler, faster and more comfortable way does not remain in the hands of the user, and their knowledge.

I personally think it would be for the best, and Mozilla agrees with Vivaldi’s CEO. The latter has not hesitated to close his argument with a threat to Microsoft, since he has commented that expects the European Union to pay attention to what it calls “malpractice” in Windows 11 by Microsoft. We already know where this could lead, so I have no doubt that Microsoft will end up doing the right thing in the end.

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