Mozilla Ideas closes its doors, but the Mozilla idea persists

It was in the middle of last year when Mozilla Ideas saw the light. The initiative, focused on bringing together the Firefox community and developers in favor of it, however, has not had the expected reception and is approaching its disappearance in its current form. However, the company does not plan to close the beach bar, but to renovate it under another roof.

summarizing the concept behind Mozilla Ideas, everything revolved around the Firefox web browser, in constant bleeding for a few years now for very different reasons. And what could be better than enlisting the help of a small but enthusiastic community of users to raise the sinking ship? Said and done, that’s how Mozilla Ideas came about.

In essence, Mozilla Ideas was a meeting place between community and developers in which to expose ideas with which to advance Firefox. The difference with any other discussion forum was that the browser developers would also be there, in a two-way communication channel.

But it doesn’t seem to have worked as expected. In the first place, due to the wrong choice of platform, and that is because Mozilla Ideas was set up on a private service that required the creation of an account, something that the most enthusiastic users of Firefox did not like at all, precisely, those most given to collaborate in these types of initiatives.

Secondly, and derived in part from the above, Mozilla Ideas has failed in its main task, and that is that not many users have wasted their time contributing ideas, nor have developers invested theirs in going through the site. Ergo, Mozilla Ideas has died for lack of ideas, basically. A sad end to what was a modicum of sanity on Mozilla’s part.

The point is that Firefox continues to lose users, on the way to irrelevance, and although they don’t do everything wrong, one of the few strong points it can trust is its user base, in many cases more ideological than pragmatic or rational, but all faithful… and ignored if not despised by Mozilla over the years. It’s not that other browsers treat their users better, but…

Thus, it could be concluded that Mozilla Ideas has been another missed opportunity, but it seems that this time it is going to try not to be, or that is at least the intention of the company, according to reports: Mozilla Ideas will resurface under the Mozilla Connect brand as its own service available to anyone with a Firefox account.

When Mozilla Connect will open its doors is not yet known, nor is it known if all Mozilla Ideas content will be migrated to the new site. Yes, it is anticipated that the developers will participate in refining the taking of ideas, but… The same was said of Mozilla Ideas. We’ll see what the future holds.

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