Mr Beast brings The Squid Game to life with a crazy display

A few weeks ago, the American youtuber MrBeast announced on his Twitter account that he was working on recreate the evidence from The Squid Game. The video has finally arrived, and not only is it being a real success, but it is also probably the biggest outrage that has been done in the history of YouTube. That is what the streamers most influential in our country, such as Ibai and TheGrefg, who have been left with their mouths open when they saw the video.

Mr Beast has not stopped growing this last year. His projects already border on madness, to such an extent that there is not a single video that he releases and that does not go viral in a matter of hours. The youtuber already has more than 78 million subscribers on its main channel, but adds many millions more on its secondary channels, as it usually translates its content into several languages ​​to reach more audiences.

MrBeast recreates Squid Game in the real world

Mr Beast set out a few weeks ago to recreate Squid Games in real life. He publicly expressed the idea, posted a video on Twitter showing the progress … and although it looked good, probably nobody imagined the magnitude that the project was going to achieve. It was evident that it was going to have a good production, interesting awards and that it was going to be a success. But this time, Mr Beast has been exceeded, and so the figures also say, since the video has not been published even 24 hours and already exceeds 50 million reproductions.

Squid Games in real life is practically a 1: 1 recreation of what we saw on the show. They have spared no expense. Participate 456 players, exactly the same as in the Netflix series and there is a $ 456,000 prize. The scenarios are practically identical and the tests that are carried out as well. The only palpable differences between the Hwang Dong-hyuk series and this 23-year-old youtuber’s craze is that the latter plays a bare-faced emcee. Probably because he has put his humble touch to the matter, and instead of killing his participants, he has placed an interesting device under their shirt that simulates a bullet shot.

Each and every one of the tests is recreated with great perfection. One of the funniest points in the video is when it comes time to play marbles. To prevent players from matching randomly, MrBeast tells players that he has made a tracking with artificial intelligence of the people with whom they have had the most since the game began, forcing them to play together so that one of them is eliminated. It is also very successful the last test, which with a lot of sight, has replaced it with a much more western and well-known child’s game.

How much money has MrBeast spent on The Squid Game?

Jimmy Donaldson (real name of MrBeast) claims to have invested $ 3.5 million in the project. Luckily for him, he has had a great sponsorship of the video game Brawl Stars, which surely has contributed a lot of capital. However, Donaldson has already shown countless times that he has money to spare for these types of projects. A few days ago he published a video of the same style in which 50 participants put their hand on a Lamborghini. The last to remove his hand from the car could keep it. For the realization, he used a complex system of advanced cameras and systems tracking with artificial intelligence. More than half a million dollars were left in prizes during that video.

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