Mr. Mendrugo, the local beer that avoids wasting bread

The Sr. Mendrugo brand is a locally produced and craft beer from Mica Beer, RobinGood and Pascual Innoventures. On this occasion, the range of products is expanded with the launch of its new unfiltered blonde pilsen: a beer designed from the original recipe, with a unique and handmade flavor.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, this unfiltered lager replaces around 50% of the malt with stale bread leftovers collected mainly in Aranda de Duero (Burgos). The brand has managed to give a second life to about 2 tons of bread since it began production at the end of 2021.

With this launch, Sr Mendrugo reinforces his fight against food waste, continues to promote its commitment to the circular economy and continues to promote local products with the expansion of its variety of beers under the motto: “We have no waste.”

Gabriel Torres, director of Pascual Innoventures, has remarked that «The new Mr Mendrugo is an example of how we can make the most of natural resources and contribute to the fight against food waste. At Pascual Innoventures we are committed to developing innovative and sustainable solutions in the agri-food sector, and this collaboration with Cerveza Mica and RobinGood is on that path.”

Innovative, unique and with its own character, this pilsen beer is made thanks to to a slightly different process:

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  • Fresh local barley, from Burgos farmers, is mixed with barley malt, with the crusts and hot water.
  • It is cooked and left to ferment.
  • Once the fermentation is finished, the beer goes through a storage process, where the flavors mature and are finished refining.
  • This process allows the aromas of malt and bread to be tasted, so that the consumer can enjoy a unique experience.

In the words of Juan Cereijo, CEO of Cerveza Mica, “the new Mr. Mendrugo is the perfect complement to the Pale Ale we already had, a beer that many consumers are liking. In addition, we are proud that every time you drink, you are contributing to the fight against food waste”.

A 100% natural beer

The new Mr. Mendrugo is 100% natural and follows a style Pilsen, known throughout the world for its mild flavor and golden color. It has a balanced aromatic intensity, with harmony and freshness. Very pleasant flavors of the typical hops of a beer with noble bitterness can be appreciated. Furthermore, the ingredients of this new unfiltered beer are only water, barley malt, bread, hops and yeast.

Due to its soft texture on the palate, balanced aromatic profile and refreshing character, this unfiltered lager can be accompanied with different proposals such as fresh and slightly cured cheeses or white fish. It has an alcohol content of 5% and its service temperature must be 3 degrees. (Generic Ambien)

with this new proposalMr. Mendrugo wants to bring his artisanal, rebellious and fun character closer to the whole world, offering more possibilities and beer flavors in his product portfolio.

A character that is also reflected in the new design of its labels, focused on the motto “We have no waste” and with a close, young and fun language.

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