Ms Marvel: the release could be postponed to 2022

Originally scheduled to arrive on Disney Plus later this year alongside Hawkeye, the series Ms Marvel it may have been postponed to 2022, according to some insiders.

The starring show Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) doesn’t have an official release date yet, unlike Hawkeye which was confirmed to be out last week in November.

The Ms Marvel series could arrive in 2022

Although Disney has not yet released official statements regarding the release date of Ms Marvel, some insiders seem to have updates on the matter. According to TV Line, “It is very likely at this point that Ms Marvel is well on her way to Disney Plus in early 2022“.

The show will follow the story of Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), a Pakistani American teenager who, according to the comics, acquires superhuman skills and adopts a costume inspired by that of her idol Captain Marvel, becoming Ms Marvel. Although plot details have not yet been revealed, the creators of the series have revealed that the series will run for 6 episodes.

Although Ms Marvel yet to debut in the MCU, his future in the franchise is assured thanks to his presence in the second chapter starring Carol Danvers, The Marvels. The film is slated for release in November 2022, giving Marvel Studios time to launch Ms Marvel in the series dedicated to her.

Ms Marvel Iman Vellani

This will be the first series to introduce a completely new character to theMarvel Cinematic Universe, unlike those releases until now that expanded the stories of characters already known in Marvel feature films. The more serialized nature of television could give a Ms Marvel the right space to best describe the character before his arrival in a film.

At this point we are almost certain that too Ms Marvel will be a key element of the current Phase 4 of the MCU, with the strong likelihood that he will soon join the Avengers for the new and terrible threats unleashed by the Multiverse generated in the season finale of the Loki series.

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