MSI announces the arrival of the GeForce RTX 3050 in three of its ranges

The GeForce RTX 3050 will also be available from MSI. The reseller has announced the marketing of three versions: GAMING Series, VENTUS 2X Series and MSI AERO ITX Series. We do not yet know the French prices but they should be around 250 €.

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Yesterday, Nvidia officially lifted the veil on the GeForce RTX 3050, its most affordable graphics card to date in the RTX 3000 lineup. But that doesn’t mean gamers will have to ignore performance. Indeed, despite its low price, the GPU has it under the hood. The latter notably offers ray tracing, which has become almost essential today, while remaining more than 60 FPS on recent games – and up to 120 FPS on Doom Eternal.

If Nvidia has its own store, we were still waiting for resellers to reveal their variations. It is finally MSI which opens the ball with three different models available in France. Each will have its own specificities, but the firm begins by recalling that all versions will be equipped with RT cores, for ray tracing therefore, as well as Tensor cores for DLSS.

MSI unveils three versions for the RTX 3050

The first model therefore joins the range GAMING Series. Like the previous generation, the RTX 3050 will be equipped with the TWIN FROZR 8 cooling system, i.e. two TORX 4.0 fans whose blades are connected on their upper parts. The whole forms a well thought-out design ring, highlighting in particular the Mystic Light RGB LEDs adjustable from the MSI Dragon Center.

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We will also find the RTX 3050 in the range VENTUS 2X Series, this time equipped with TORX FAN 3.0, again with double fan. Finally, the most compact version will be that of the range MSI AERO ITX Series, which only includes a single fan. To compensate, MSI adds a heat sink to optimize its performance in the least bulky enclosures.

Like Nvidia during the presentation, MSI did not specify the French prices for its graphics cards. However, we can bet that these will not exceed 300 €, the manufacturer having set the recommended price at 250 dollars. With the imminent arrival of the ARC Alchemist at less than 180 euros, coupled with the difficult situation in the market to say the least, Nvidia has every interest in not increasing prices too much.

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