MSI PRO MP161, new 15.6-inch portable monitor

The MSI PRO MP161 is presented as an interesting solution for professionals who are constantly on the moveand that they need to maintain a high level of productivity anywhere. This portable monitor is 15.6 inches in size, enough to offer significant value as a secondary screen connected to a laptop, for example, and uses an IPS panel with anti-glare technology, which translates into a good viewing experience. even in environments with a lot of ambient light.

It is a very thin monitor (it measures 1.08 cm thick) and very light, since only weighs 750 grams, which greatly facilitates its transport, and also has a minimalist design that allows it to fit anywhere. Its screen resolution is 1080p (1,920 x 1,080 pixels), and it also comes with two integrated speakers to offer a complete multimedia experience without having to resort to any type of peripheral.

We can use the MSI PRO MP161 with a laptop, but we can also connect it to a PC, a smartphone and a tablet without any problem. With it we can have a double screen configuration anywhere, with all that this represents for productivity purposes when dealing with numerous workloads. This monitor also has very careful ergonomicssince it comes with an adjustable support foot that allows us to use it in different positions.

To enhance the user experience, the MSI PRO MP161 comes with technologies focused on eye care, which reduce blue light emission and totally eliminate flicker. As for its range of connectors, this monitor has one mini HDMI and two USB Type-C that can be used as DisplayPort to facilitate connection with smartphones and tablets.

For the rest we know that he has a refresh rate is 60 Hz, It has a 16:9 format, a response time of 6 ms and a 6-bit color depth. We do not know the sale price in Spain.

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