Multinational companies create alliance to reduce air pollution

Committed to measuring your pollutant emissions and taking steps to reduce them, 10 multinational companies, between them Ikea, Google, the shipping giant Maersk or Siemens, they launched yesterday the Alliance for Clean Air.

Accenture, Bloomberg, Biogen, GoTo, Mahindra and Wipro complete the list of the first associated firms in this initiative, reported the World Economic Forum (WEF).

The atmospheric pollution It is the fourth cause of death in the world, only surpassed by high blood pressure, tobacco consumption and an unbalanced diet, highlighted the WEF, organizer of the Davos forum.

“By joining this alliance, companies play an essential role in the improvement of air quality for everyone, “he stressed.

Members also pledged to measure other important pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide and the nitrous oxide.

For their part, governments and large investors announced new measures to dedicate trillions of dollars to stop global warming, reflecting the growing awareness of the world that this fight constitutes both a necessity and an opportunity for business.

Before the COP26, the British Secretary of the Treasury Rishi SunakHe said that public aid alone is not enough; However, he praised the commitment of some 450 financial institutions to align their investments with the Paris Agreement of 2015.

Meanwhile, scientists say that the use of fossil fuels has to decrease drastically to reach the goal, which means that investors should reduce the money that goes to the oil, gas and coal producers.

To that end, Sunak He added that British private companies and financial institutions listed on the stock market will have to publish their plans to reveal the extent to which their investments and businesses are green to show that they are actually contributing to global warming reductions.

By EFE and AP


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